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If you were a little girl that loves pink,

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would you rather play with these or these for Christmas?


DD hasn't seen any of the movies, she just likes fairies and princesses.

The little fairies are 4.5", have glitter painted on their bodies and removable skirts. I'm nervous the glitter might come off on everything.

The bigger fairy set are 9" and all their clothes are removable, but their faces kind of creep me out (like Monster High Dolls)


Of course, there are also the Disney Princess 9" doll set with Rapunzel too....or any other ideas are welcome.


yep, I'm a last minute shopper. :tongue_smilie:

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My daughter is six. I showed her the first and she smiled; I showed her the second link, and her eyes got all big and excited. She fits your description, so based on that I'd choose two. I hate girly stuff, but from a practical standpoint, I agree with the PP, and would still chose two LOL.


You're a late shopper, I'm a late putter-to-bedder :blush:

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My DD has the 9" Silver Mist doll and loves her. When she saw both boxed sets at Target recently, she definitely preferred the 9" dolls. It surprised me because fairies are supposed to be tiny but she is more interested in playability than authenticity, I suppose. :D She is a pink wearing, fairy loving girly-girl. She eats, sleeps, and breathes fairies lately.

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