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Christmas gift ideas...anyone?

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I know there have probably been multiple posts about this, but I was only able to find one with actual suggestions. Yesterday I posted about the problem we have with space and organization and incoming gifts. Today I need to make a list for the Grandparents and Aunts & uncles. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas and my kids are no help, especially Ds.


Anyone care to share what you are getting your Dd (9-10 year old) and Ds (13-14 year old)? I'd especially love to hear space saving ideas!


I'll post my ideas later. I'd love to hear yours!

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DD10 will be getting a watch and a small knitting loom-thingy. She would also like a few fingernail polish pens (less messy than the bottles) and a pair of slippers.


DS15 wants a pair of good quality headphones and a new game for the WII that is something everyone can play.


DD17 is getting a new luxury bathrobe. DS20 doesn't really have anything he needs and little space to store anything at school, so we will be giving giftcards this year.

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Anyone care to share what you are getting your Dd (9-10 year old) and Ds (13-14 year old)?


So far, all I know for sure about my 13-year-old son is that he's getting a couple of books, some personalized pajamas (a Christmas tradition), a cross-stitched bookmark and a personalized nutcracker from his sister (also a tradition).


His stocking may be movie themed, with a couple of DVDs and some microwave popcorn and snacks and favorite sodas, but we haven't come up with movies yet.


I'm finding him extremely difficult to shop or make gifts for this year.

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I have a dd9. She wants a subscription to American Girl magazine. So I gave that idea to my grandma who is thrilled to get it for her.


My mother is sewing her some American Girl doll clothes. (They will fold up into the box she already uses for her other doll clothes!! yay!)


I am thinking about asking for a cute hat and glove set from my sister if she asks. They have those with the animals on the hat, and they are not expensive at the drug store. My girls like those. They are useful and I can empty out others that they don't wear anymore.


My dd9 likes the toys called Squinkies. They are itty bitty things. If you want something that they can collect, these are good. They literally fit in a pencil box. She has a collection of about 20 she got for her bday, and they all fit in the pencil box. So they are good stocking stuffers for her to feel like she got some toys.


We are getting her:


A new comforter for her bed.

A horse for her American Girl (this is not a spacesaver. It is the one big gift this year..)



The accessory set to her American Girl doll that she got a couple of years ago.


Other space saving ideas:

C.Ds. DVDs and Wii games and most electronics like a camera, gift cards to the drug store or craft store. I don't mind getting art supplies because we use them. I am tired of the stupid craft sets though that come in big boxes. We get too many of those and have a stack of them. Half of them aren't open. But with a gift card I can direct them to paints and paintbrushes and supplies we need.

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tech gifts like e-readers, mp3 players etc.

Video games, if you have a system

Gift cards for clothes, food or music/videos/books for aforementioned tech gifts.

Clothes, shoes, slippers, Pjs



We are getting Ds 8 a Wii game, a warm hoodie, a box set of the Percy Jackson books, and a few stocking stuffers, plus an as yet undecided upon Lego set.

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My dds 8.5 and 10 are getting the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts castle,the game Clue, Jacks and a Chinese Jump rope. As stocking stuffers, they are each getting a Bananagrams puzzlebook, peppermint and bubblegum smencils, twisty stix (scented erasers), and some Burts Bees sparkly lip gloss. The only thing that really takes up space is the Lego set, but we tend to make room for Legos. Also, we always go through their toys/games and purge the old to make room for the new each year before the holidays. We go through our bookshelves every year and donate old books to our local library to make room for new books. These things really help with conserving space.

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This year they are all getting handmade jester hats and mittens from Minikins, I just put in the order. The girls wore their current sets for three years and have now outgrown them. I believe Susan is a homeschooling mom and I love to support them. They are also getting new sleds and some snow building sets so they can spent more time outside. ;) They are all getting books, they put together their own amazon wishlists for those, and probably legos all around.

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