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Spelling Power users, question for you

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What level is your dc in and what grade are they in? I have a feeling dd 4th is 'behind' simply because when something has to get the axe for the day its spelling. I have to figure out how to get spelling to be a priority. It does not take much time but it is always the first to go. So, what level is your child in and what grade (or how old) are they?

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My third graders (8 y.o.) is working through level C.

My first grader (6 y.o.) is finishing up level A. My first grader started the program earlier, so she may end up "ahead" of my third grader.


My goal with spelling is not so much to be on a certain level at a certain grade, but to master the word lists well. I keep a running list of the words my kids miss and have to practice. I do a lot of extra review of these words until I am confident they can spell them all well. I don't go to the next level until I have retested, repracticed if necessary, and retested again and again until I am sure my kids have those words down.


Some kids are naturally better spellers than others, so those kids will work through the program faster. I wouldn't get so hung up about the level of spelling as I might in math or English.


I would recommend just doing spelling for 1-5 minutes if you can't do the whole fifteen minutes per day. It is important to practice every day (or almost every day) since repetition is the key to learning it.

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Hi! My 6th Grader (11) is finishing Level H and my 2nd grader (age 8) is finishing Level C. I chose not to start my first grader yet.

When I withdrew my oldest from public school she was a 4th grader. Her class would do a Spelling pretest on Monday, work on the words during the week, then posttest on Friday. She would often score 100% on the pretest, and rather than go to the next group of words, she would still work on those same words during the week and still posttest on Friday. It seemed like such a waste of time. I chose Spelling Power so we wouldn't have that type of "schedule" and also because we wanted a "Spelling" program, not one focused more on vocabulary.

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My 4th grader (just turned 9) is in Level D. Spelling takes very little time in our house. She is a natural speller, though, and doesn't miss a whole lot of words.


I don't even remember how the program is officially supposed to work but in our house I alternate between having her copy the current list into her spelling dictionary and then quizzing her. So one spelling session copy the list, the next spelling session give the quiz (including any previously misspelled words until they are correct.) When she fills up a page in her spelling dictionary I'll take a day and have her alphabetize those words. Occasionally if she's really having a hard time with a word I will pull out the SP activity box but that is rare. Spelling only takes 10-15 min. max for us and she can mostly do it independently aside from the quizzes, which I often give while mixing up dinner or overseeing someone else's work...

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My 3rd grader (8.5 yo) and my 4th grader (10 yo) are both finishing level E. Like a pp, the 10 yo tested into F by one word, so I started with E to make sure we weren't missing anything. The boys are pretty good natural spellers. We do spelling first thing (alternating since they are on different groups within level E) to make sure it gets done. It usually only takes about 15 minutes or so for each one (they dawdle on writing the sentences). One boy works on vocabulary while the first is taking the spelling test.



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