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  1. I am ordering Times Tales to help him memorize those but we also need to shore up decimals, percents and things that lead into prealgebra. Any ideas? We are afterschooling so I need something pretty open and go adn that won't take a ton of time each evening. I would like to have him work on a prealgebra program over the summer
  2. 10 and 6...they turn 7 and 11 this fall. We have been doing math mammoth and life of fred. Math mammoth works for my son for sure, my daughter hates it. Life of Fred is enjoyed by all. Miquon we have but we haven't done it a lot because mostly I don't understand how to implement it.
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    I work 30-40 hours a week. I don't go in before 4 and I am off no later than 1am. My husband works part time but he is home no later than 8:30 each night. When our shifts overlap I have a babysitter come over. We start school no later than 9am so that we are done with everything no later than 3. That includes 3 breaks scattered throughout. My 5th grader sometimes has work he must complete once I have left for work. We have to be very strict with our time. I only schedule 4 days of full school a week. Our fifth day allows for make-up of content work if something happens. It helps that I got the job because I am friends with the general manager so she understands my schedule needs.
  4. So my kids really like Dreambox is it enough or should it be supplementary in nature? I have Math Mammoth, Life of Fred (apples all the way to the first prealgebra book) and Miquon. What would you do? My oldest quickly grasps concepts but it still working on getting his math facts solidified. He can get to the correct answer he just isn't automatic with them yet. My first grader complains if anything is too easy so I am just trying to find her place. We are nearly halfway through MM 1. We are starting back up on the 17th so I am trying to finalize some plans.
  5. I have the Lab annotations but not the first grade diary. I am just very confused by it
  6. Today I sat with her every minute of her math. I normally am bouncing between her and her brothers. It is painfully obvious she needs more manipulatives for math so I got some stuff out for her and things were much better. She isn't unhappy to sit there either. She is a strange one. She colors on her paper, plays with anything she can get her hands on etc. but of course that isn't helping. I am going to switch some stuff up for her especially after really focusing on what was going on here. We are taking the rest of the weekend and then coming back with a timer in hand. She and I can be done with her specific work in about an hour and then I can focus on her older brother while she and the toddler play. I am going to alternate science and history during the toddler's quiet/nap time. I think that just using a timer for her school work will do everyone some good vs. assigning a set number or pages. Thank you ladies. I can't just drop math mammoth altogether but I think this will be a better option. (we tried MEP and she absolutely hated it) If anyone has any insights on how to make miquon work I would gladly listen because I have all 6 books but cannot for the life of me figure out how the program works.
  7. When I say she will take 5 hours to do her math I am in no way kidding. She will sit in front of one page of her math mammoth book and take 5 hours to get through it. I am trying to get her to quit dawdling and just work because when she doesn't dawdle she flies through the page and gets most of it correct. I can't justify moving her forward when she honestly doesn't have her addition facts down. She joins in for biblioplan so her work is literally coloring while I read, joining in on the discussion and then weekly she does an art project and map work so that really isn't much if we get to it. She is only doing Latin because she asks for it. I work in the evenings so relegating all the household chores to the evening would leave me doing chores after coming in at nearly midnight like what happened last night. I know part of this is getting my home in order so that it is just upkeep but I am struggling to get there.
  8. So my 5th grader is doing the following: Math Mammoth Using Life of Fred as enrichment Writing and Rhetoric Narrative 2 Rod and Staff English 5 (only the grammar) Biblioplan History Elemental Science Bio for the Logic Stage Latin for Children Primer A The weekly logic and chess The 1st grader is doing: Math Mammoth Life of Fred read to her Writing With Ease 1 First Language Lessons 1 All About Reading 1 (almost done then moving to AAR2 and AAS1) Biblioplan Bio for Grammar stage Song School Latin Art We aren't getting content subjects done and writing is one that we don't get to often enough. I know quite a bit of it is just trying to keep my house from looking like a tornado struck on a daily basis which means I can't sit on top of him to get his work done. His sister also isn't helping because she wants to take 5 hours to do a math lesson. I HAVE to get us on track for their sake especially my oldest. We tried B&M public school and the daily anxiety attacks over the state test was exhausting for everyone and I am so nervous about the public k12 that we will deal with the same.
  9. So I need to add some accountability to our homeschool for both my oldest and myself. I have enrolled him in k12 public for the fall but really it doesn't sit well with me. We are on a very limited budget. Any ideas on how we can get some accountability and stay on track?
  10. Thank you so much for that. The school I am looking at only allows up to 30 credit hours in credit by examination so I am working on getting as much as possible between now and January then doing a semester at the community college before transferring. My husband is going the traditional route and I am trying to both catch up with him and save us some money.
  11. So I am wanting to self educating in a number of basic courses in order to prepare to CLEP out of some basics before enrolling in school. Any ideas on where to start? My degree plan requires calculus 1 and 2 and I have never even looked at the subject so I know I need to spend some time focusing on shoring up my math skills on top of working on other subjects.
  12. Well the whole truth will come out in court proceedings. I guess it is a waiting game for the rest of us.
  13. So if you paid to stream season 8 are you SOL come Feb 15?
  14. So for a number of reasons DS10 is extremely far behind in grammar and usage. I need some ideas for him. FLL and WWE just didn't go over well with him although it seems to be what will work well for DD6. Any and all ideas will be investigated.
  15. We are starting March 2 and will finish near the end of the year. It is too hot in South Texas to do anything else during the summer so we might as well do school.
  16. My 4th grader does 3 hours in the morning and then I have 2 hours scheduled in the afternoon. He has about 3 hours of time in the afternoon Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to finish up any work he didn't complete during the day OR to do as he pleases depending on how diligently he worked earlier in the day. On Monday and Wednesday he has an hour of ballet but his sister has an hour before him so we spend 2 hours at the studio. He stretches for half an hour every day. He schedules his own assigned reading time and sometimes that means he is doing school at other times. My 1st grader sits with us during the 3 hours in the morning. While my oldest will be outlining his history my middle will color a picture while I read and then discussing the reading with me. I don't expect her full attention the entire time. I also schedule an hour for her for individual work (reading, spelling, math, handwriting) but most days it doesn't take that long. She also stretches with her older brother and does two hour long tap/ballet combo classes a week. She gets an hour of rest time and then three hours of free time each afternoon before we do dinner and begin our evening time as a family.
  17. lol I probably shouldn't type things in the middle of the night....marine animals.................not just mammals
  18. We are actually in South Texas and we are going down to Mustang Island SP next week for the ranger talk on sea turtles. There are some conservation efforts happening within an hour of our home. There is also research happening I just don't know how much is here and how much is more towards Galveston.
  19. DS9 really wants to find some research opportunities involving marine mammals (primarily sea turtles). While he is accelerated in math and sciences, his writing/grammar skills leave much to be desired. He struggles to write a simple paragraph. This is something we are working on but in light of that would you recommend that I perform any written communication for him? If not what would you suggest?
  20. I am getting ready for a 6 day road trip. We will be at a family house for the first and last night but the others will be in different hotels.....I made sure that each hotel had a laundry facility. I will do a load of cloth diapers and laundry each night that we are on the road to reduce the amount of clothes and diapers I must take with us. We are also going from South Texas to North Utah and back so we will also experience the weather changes.
  21. We no longer vaccinate due to reactions to the vaccines that both my oldest and middle child experienced. (and no I am not talking about autism!) When oldest went to camp last summer the medic on staff was aware of his vaccine status and knew that the minute any serious illness presented itself at camp that we were to be called so we could remove him from camp. Nothing happened. We don't do the tetanus vaccine but would do the tetanus immunoglobulin should tetanus be a concern with a wound. At this stage we have no plans to catch them up on any vaccines but that could change in the future. I would take a good hard look at why you choose not to vaccinate and weigh that against any issues that could present them at camp and make a decision based on that.
  22. Singapore Math....we have tried it a few times and every time go back to Math Mammoth. We are using CWP this year but I just write the problem on the white board for ds instead of having him deal with another book
  23. Do I need the letter tiles for AAR? What is the bare minimum that I need to complete the program considering I have the deluxe AAS set.
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