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  1. Thanks for sharing. I used the first book with my older two and I'd love to use this with my younger in a year or two or three. :)
  2. Thanks everyone. I have been wearing the night guard and doing exercises for my back and jaw every day. It isn't as painful as it was a couple of weeks ago, so that is good. I'm not sure how a PT works? Is this usually paid out of pocket or by insurance? I have really crappy insurance that will run out in a few months and I won't likely have insurance after that. Would my doctor have to refer me? She seemed to think this wasn't a big deal and was quite optimistic it would go away just using the night guard.
  3. I was a kid in the 80's and I have to say almost everyone I knew had divorced parents. Marriage means very little to me. I am not religious. I've been with the same man since I was 17, I'm 32 now. We have 3 kids together. We are definitely committed. We may get married at some point if it matters for a specific reason, ie. taxes, insurance, etc. Up to now it just means very little to us personally. :) To each their own.
  4. My doctor says I have tmj pain. She thinks I've been clenching my teeth in my sleep. I hurt my lower back 1 1/2 months ago and I suspect maybe I was clenching my teeth from the pain? Anyway for 3 weeks now I've had pain and throbbing in my ears, neck pain, headaches, and my neck and the lower back of my head feel like rice crispies, snap, crackle, pop. There's been some other weird stuff like face pain, tingling & numbness in my hands, pain in my wrists and lower arms, and I swear it felt like my arm popped out at the shoulder or something but all of this is not happening *right now*. I do
  5. I did watch the show, but it's been at least 4 years so I don't remember it well. I don't remember liking it, some parts where okay but overall I wasn't thrilled. I think it is important that people at least look at the issues surrounding being pregnant and giving birth in America. Our outcomes should be better, there really just isn't excuse for them not being better and I do believe it is because it is over done, medically. I am definitely ALL about natural birth *if* 1. the mother is fully informed of options/possible outcomes in as true a way as possible given her unique circumstances
  6. The Hunger Games trilogy (just finished the second book) and The Mists of Avalon (again)
  7. I'm ThreeBlessings because... you guessed it, I have three kids. I don't post a whole lot, but I read on here most days for 15-20 minutes if I can find them. I decided to homeschool because my oldest dd wanted to stay home and do school with mommy instead of going to public school when Kindergarten time rolled around. The reason for homeschooling has grown and changed just about as much as our family and children, underneath the layers the fact that the kids want to be home instead of away still exists. :) I spent quite a lot of my childhood living in a trailer. My parents split up w
  8. If you haven't told him *why* wiping properly is so important, I think you probably should. I had this conversation with my ds after repeated incidents and gentle talks. He is also very sensitive. :) He did cry, but he is sensitive so I wasn't surprised. I was matter of fact and gave him information that is important to have. E coli can make people very, very sick and we need to take special care to make sure we are having good hygiene. I helped him research E coli and we read a bit about it together. Also personal comfort is an issue as irritation and rash can occur if we don't wipe properly.
  9. My children and I used the book and enjoyed it. They were 3rd and 5th grade. I found the explanations simple and sufficient. The kids never had any trouble 'getting' it. There is a short amount of text followed by exercises that actually allow the children to use the grammar. We always did so orally. :)
  10. Yup. Agree with pp. Colicky baby is sooooo hard when life is enough as it is a lot of the time, yk? Give yourself a much needed hug momma and just keep keeping on. This too shall pass. And it is just fine to think it will be nice to be away at work. It is okay to look forward to working. Do not beat yourself up about that. :)
  11. We use the CAT from Seton Testing Services as well. I've always been happy with the service. It is only $25 per child. The tests are administered by me and always returned quickly. We don't test for results though, but rather because it is required by our state law. I don't use any test prep book. I bought them one year from Seton and used them, but it was unnecessary for us. I would be more likely to use it if there was a specific reason *to* use them for an individual student, but I have no reason at all to use them with either of my kids. The tests are, imo, ridiculously easy for the av
  12. I used that calculator and I'm not understanding the results. Is the yellow number in the box the calorie intake to strive for or the number above that? Thanks! :) eta: Duh, never mind I *think* I get it now. I went back and actually read the text above the calculator like I should have done to begin with. The yellow number indicates what would be a very low calorie intake? The number above that is the calorie intake to strive for?
  13. Here's my blog post about planning for this coming year with some printables. :)
  14. Julie- thanks for the feedback. I will check the ruling on the lines as I'm not sure. I don't think they are as small as college, but I doubt they are wide ruled. When you say you prefer the teacher and student pages together for a pdf, do you mean together in one book, or together as in teacher page with corresponding student page directly after throughout the book? I plan to have them together in one pdf, but with the student pages bulked together first and the teacher pages bulked together after the student pages. Thanks for your time!
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