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    A Beka Consumer Mathematics 2nd edition Student Book Teacher Edition Teacher Key with Solutions Test/Quiz Key Solution Key Books are in good used condition. Teacher Key with Solutions cover has a fold and a few lower corner of book pages are curled. Student book lower corner pages are also a little curled. $50.00 ppd (Media Mail) I accept Paypal



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    Excellence in Writing's Windows to the World: An Introduction to Literary Analysis Good used condition. No writing $12.00 ppd I accept Paypal



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    The Mystery of History Volume 1 Second Edition Printed Memory Cards (Bright Ideas Press) Book is in good condition --bottom right cover corner worn, and one page coming out at seam, but still attached inside book. No writing. I printed the memory cards up to lesson 104. $30.00 ppd I accept Paypal


  4. Remembering my struggle and poor grades in my high school physics class, I shied away from teaching it myself and went with an online course. I chose Principles of Physics by Kinetic Books. They have three different courses based on math preference. My son liked it a lot, and the online physics lab is pretty cool. I plan on using it again next year for son #2. http://www.perfectionlearning.com/kinetic-physics
  5. I'm working on transcripts and course descriptions today, and am having a difficult time condensing Spectrum Chemistry (Beginning Publishings) into a course description. Would love some examples.
  6. Neither of my ds are going into a STEM career. Physical science looked so dull, so I skipped it and let them choose 2 semester sciences of their choice before moving on to Bio, Chem, Physics. One chose astronomy and horticulture, the other geology and marine biology. I agree that your son should probably stick with sciences related to his field, but I don't think skipping physical science will be an issue. It did not hinder my two non-sciency kids in the least.
  7. No prep for PSAT. I knew my ds wouldn't score high enough for the merit scholarship, so we did it just for the test taking experience. If your child is taking it with the hopes of qualifying for the scholarship, then by all means prep for it.
  8. My oldest ds used Teaching Textbooks and did Geometry in between Alg 1 and 2 without difficulties, but math comes easily to him. My middle ds used Prentice Hall Geometry this last year following Lial Algebra 1. The Prentice Hall had some kind of algebra review workbook problems in nearly every lesson. We'll be heading back to Lial for Alg 2 in the fall, hoping that it won't be a difficult transition back to algebra.
  9. It was awful slogging through those Chinese names in HOAW. This time, I would love to have a pronunciation guide for Medieval and Renaissance History of the World. Has anyone found something like this online?
  10. I used Principles of Physics with the Kolbe Academy solutions with my older son. My middle ds struggles with math, so PoP is out. I'd like to try their First Person Physics, but I'm concerned about not having any supplemental material. For those who use it, do they provide all the answers, and is there a way to keep track of scores? Does anyone find it difficult to use in a homeschool setting? Thanks! Savermom
  11. I would choose only one Dante work. We read "Inferno," which I thought was somewhat interesting but, my ds did not. Now he has to read the other two in college this semester. Poor boy. My second ds just read Aristophanes "The Birds" and found it funny. The Lego Movie takes a reference from it.
  12. I put TBD where the grade goes, and the date (month/year) the course will be completed.
  13. Great thoughts! Thank you all. A month ago I scheduled his day hoping that would help keep him on track. For instance, 9:00-10:00 AM English, etc for all of his classes, lunch, and breaks. His last one is Geometry at 3:30. He will finish between 9:00 PM or the next day if we have an evening activity. (Boy Scouts on Tuesdays, and church Wednesdays). We are doing English, Literature, Geometry, Biology (3 months behind), German, Ancients History. We were supposed to do a 1 semester Gov't, but he begged to do it over the summer because it was too much. I am in the room with him most of t
  14. I used www.homeschooldiploma.com last year. They have a good selection, and the quality is very nice.
  15. He is only doing one class independently. The rest we do together. He has specifically told me that he feels overwhelmed. I mistook his slow progress and gazing out the window as laziness and lack of motivation. He said that it is his coping method.
  16. I piece my own together. I haven't found a prepackaged curriculum where I liked most of it. I prefer to pick and choose from this and that.
  17. At my wits end, trying to figure out what to do with my ds. I'm hoping to find feedback on an extended high school of 5 years instead of 4. My ds is in 10th grade, and we have had a difficult two years. Right now he is very behind in several subjects, and spends on average 10 hours a day doing school. He barely gets done with his daily work. He does have some focus/attention problems, but not ADD. Recently he told me he is overwhelmed. I believe that contributes to his focusing issues. I think he "zones out" because he gets overwhelmed, and feels his load is too heavy. He took
  18. We have been slowly (and painfully) working through Lial Introductory Algebra. My son is in 9th grade, and math does not come naturally to him, nor does attention to detail, which is what I think is the real problem. I really want to be done for the summer :glare: but we are only on chapter 7. Since this is considered a college text, does it have more content in it than standard HS algebra texts? I need to know if we need to continue plodding through the whole book, or stop at a certain point.

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    Traditional Logic I: Introduction to Formal Logic by Martin Cothran Student Text and Answer Key $15.00 ppd in good condition with first 20 pages a little wrinkly from drying after getting slightly damp. Doesn't affect reading. Instructional DVD $15.00 ppd (case has small crack on edge) Paypal or Money Order Please email me at SunnyP6404@aol.com



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    Uncommon Courtesy For Kids and The Original 21 Rules Of This House by Gregg & Joshua Harris $10.00 for both, ppd. Both New, copyright 1990. Paypal or Money Order. Please email me at SunnyP6404@aol.com


  21. Thank you all for your comments. After what you have said, I will stick with Lial and see how it goes.
  22. My son, going into 8th grade, has struggled with math the last 2 years. We have done Horizons through prealgebra last year, and prealgebra just didn't click. We are going to repeat prealgebra this year, but with a different text. After doing research I chose Lial, but just discovered that it is a college text and I am afraid that might be too difficult. I need some advice here. My son has already been exposed to prealgebra concepts last year through Horizons. Is Lial going to be too difficult? Any other curriculum suggestions? I do not want a cd or video lesson. He is too distrac
  23. No, my upcoming junior has no idea. I'm feeling a little panicked! I am considering a test or book that helps them narrow things down, but haven't researched that yet.
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