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What is your favorite Etsy shop?

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This is mine.




Beautiful handmade plush items for kids made from eco-friendly materials. The shop owner is also a homeschooling Mama (and I confess, a friend of mine). My daughters each have one of her owls and they are just gorgeous.


What are some other good places to look for lovely, unique Christmas gifts this year? I would love to support some more shops such as these.

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Greeting cards. You can also get boxes of cards from her if you ask.



Boxwood wreaths. I have had one on my front door for over a year. It started out a beautiful green, then went through a short "ugly" period and then turned a beautiful golden color. One of my daughters has had one longer than that which is inside her house and it turned a nice light green.



PS - Rebekah is my daughter. Blatant advertising, sorry.


Susie in SWVA

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Silver Acorn



This is a long time friend (and former homeschooler). She makes wonderful miniatures, wool felt animals (including very tiny ones), custom wool felt dollhouse dolls, wool felt play food, other dolls of various sizes, jewelry, leather dragons, etc. Look at the "sold" link (http://www.etsy.com/shop/acorngirl/sold) to see the range of items she can/has made.

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