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Never heard of it. What is ACE?




Its called Accelerated Christian Education but if you ask me its a complete joke! Its really sad. They are set up in 10 little workbook things for each subject for the year called paces. I was looking at a 2nd grade science pace and it literally had 2 paragraphs that amounted to Look __________ Its a sheep. Did you know God made sheep? Did you know sheep are good? God is good. God loves us.


Then the next page is the 'questions' and the questions were


_________ made sheep.


Sheep are ___________.


God is ____________.



And it had a word box with the words Sheep, good and God :001_huh:

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I don't want to derail the thread but I'd love to hear what you like about Spelling Power. Do you have a natural speller? What is a day with Spelling Power like?






I do have Natural Speller! I like that too. We go through the natural speller the spelling power way. Spelling Power is great! You chose how many wrong word you allow your dc to get wrong to study for the day. We do the list until we get to our max number of words. Then dd does the 10 step and sentences, then she plays with the words on Spelling City for a while. Its been great! I also add in wrong words in whatever writing she does.


I don't follow the SP rules though- we are supposed to do just 1 list a day, we do a few sometimes. I figure some lists she can just knock out and others will take her weeks. If we have some easier lists coming up then we do a few. It is up to you if you do that or not.


Spelling takes ME about 5 minutes a day and her between 15-20

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Well, we have used ACE for math for several years now. DD has always tested at the higher end of grade level for math. Oh, and math is her weaker area.


For next year, I am considering all ACE. I won't decide for sure until I go to convention next May and take the time to really look through it all really well. I am considering a few other options also.


Oh, and you don't have to pass any ACE course to use the curriculum here in the USA. You just buy what you need/want. They do recommend placement testing so that the student is placed at the correct level in the curriculum.

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The point of that lesson is not to spell or to learn science. The point of that lesson, and indeed of all studies, is to learn to have a meek and teachable spirit.


Gag me with a spoon.


Students deserve more than this.




I used ACE (as a student) for K & 10th g. Math, "literature," etc. No science--Abeka for that.


I have something to say about it all, but...I just can't find the words.

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Doesn't the A in ACE stand for accelerated? I spent some time the other day looking through samples of their fifth grade stuff, not just the beginning PACEs but the later ones in some subjects and there is nothing accelerated about it.


As someone who was an ACE victim for a few subjects in middle school, I have to say that I think it's awful stuff.

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