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  1. I can relate to that with some part of school but thankfully for the most part our elementary and some middleschool classes have fun and the kids can be creative but it is within limits.
  2. I think it is rude but now a days it's more and more common. I don't have a cell phone and have no desire to have one even though it seems 90% of the people I know have one.
  3. both schools could have cared aless about what we have done at home. They did their own testing with my younger ones to see where they were at with the curriclum they used. My oldest just had to wing it. Thankfully what she is learning in most classes she has already done. Her only issue was math. I used Math U See and with middle school she didn't know how to do some of the math so we are continuing with Math U See on the weekends. She's doing well and she is currently a A/B student. Be prepared for teachers saying they are behind and make little comments about them being homeschooled and how it's so great they are learning with their peers and blah blah blah. It's what I have been getting and it drives me nuts. Now with standardized testing and some survey that happens so many years that is all I hear about. How they are starting to show kids how the tests are going to be like and what questions they are going to be asked by the survey people, if picked. Kids absolutely love it and they are doing well so as long as we live overseas my children will attend the military schools.
  4. I just use a regular recipe found on the back of the bag and add a bit extra vanilla (cuz I love vanilla). I try to keep them all at 1/4 inch. I bough a mat with all the numbers and circles on it. It's not in English or in inches but I figured it out to where my 1/4 is and my cookies came out pretty good and even. I have never liked those big cookies you can get at the store. I don't have access to the Color Flow and have used it in the past but I did try Quick Fondant Icing. It does a pretty decent and quick job on top of sugar cookies. I found it at the Wilton website and used it on my daughter's itty bitty cake.
  5. :iagree: I like our MWR Youth Sports. Anyone can play up to age 18. Most children stop at the Jr. or High school age. I would like my children play on school teams when they are older if they are really good at it and it could give them a scholorship towards a college. Cousin recieved a scholorship for Track.
  6. Thanks for replying. This year three of the girls in my daughter's troop plan to work together on the Silver Award.
  7. My children all reieved As/Bs on their report cards. They are doing nicely in school. The teachers say they are a joy to have in class. I only have one teacher for my middle schooler who I have disagreements about so every day I look over my daughter's work, and document so there are no more future 'misunderstandings'. They will return to homeschooling for the 2014-2015 school year. That is when we return to the states.
  8. I finally recieved my Cricut Expressions. Not sure I can whip something up for V-Day (just got it Monday) but I do plan on making something for Easter, my children's basketball teams and for Scouts. We have World Thinking Day coming up and I am going to cut out the title with it. That will be my first project :)
  9. our store only has the starter sets. I had to shop online and was able to get a few from Toys R Us online but they are still saying Sold Out on most characters. We have at least one from each set except for the Wind one, I think. The game was bought for me but my children have taken over it.
  10. I do think that the amt the families are asking for is TOO much. There should be a second adult in the classroom. The situation should not have lasted as long as the news story stated.
  11. I spend $800-$900 a month in our food budget but this includes nonfood and now includes the lunches at my children's schools. I have used recipes from the Hillbilly Housewife and they are not all that bad. A few times we have gone off the $70 list but substituded because for one, I don't drink powdered milk and second my younger ones refuse to drink tea. That isn'ta bad thing since then they will drink water. I was just commenting to hubby theother day I was thinking of makine a few things from the site that we haven't made in almost two years.
  12. my starting over is having my kiddos in school. I will be afterschooling them with writing and science. the history they are doing with my oldest is the same timeframe as we are doing now.
  13. I likes crafts and am getting a little burnt out on my current yarn and fabric crafts. During Black Friday I saw these machines for really cheap. I almost impulsed bought but missed the deadline. That's a good thing since now I can really look to see which one would best fit me. I am looking at deciding between the Personal and Create. I don't see upcoming big projets. I like to make little homemade cards and tags for the gift in jars and welcome to the neighborhood stuff. All of my children are in school now and I have time on my hands. They are all in different grades so I easily see making little cards and whatnots for at least 60 kids. There is are about 17 in each class so I rounded up to 20 since I do have to include teachers. I don't have to make little whatnots but I like doing stuff like this and made many little yarn and plastic canvas items in the past. So if you have one, which one? What do you like? or not like about it? Did you get a Personal and wished now you upgraded? TIA
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