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If you would consider praying.....

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I would so appreciate it. The daughter of a co-worker of my husband's is scheduled to graduate from high school next week. I guess it was such a beautiful day that she decided to play hooky from school and was driving down one of our very narrow country lanes (way too fast), just over behind where I live, when she lost control of her car and slammed into a tree. One of the guys in the car with her is dead. She and two other friends are in surgery at UK hospital tonight and she is not expected to live.


Every year this happens right before graduation, doesn't it? Why can we not instill just a little healthy fear into our children - just enough to keep them alive? Why do I feel so badly when the first thing I think is "not my child, Lord, please not my child"..... So many lives ruined today, just because the weather was beautiful and exuberance for life spilled over. Can't we just all take the car keys away from our children the last month of school? The last month before they graduate?


Please - I'm not even sure what to ask you to pray for - please ask God to be with these children and their families; the family of the young man who has passed away; please ask Him to help them through this, no matter how it's going to play out now....

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Praying here.


Yes, it does happen a lot this time of year. Last year three boys from our small town went for a joy ride on a dirt road the day after their 8th grade graduation. One of the boys was killed and another seriously injured. The driver had a few bruises. All the boys were at fault--they had taken an older brother's car without permission and I don't believe any were licensed--but of course the driver was blamed. His family had to move because of the ill feeling from many townspeople and I'm sure he has a lifelong psychological battle on his hands even though he had no physical injury.


Tonight 15yodd is at the hospital visiting her best friend's brother who was in a car accident on Saturday. She just found out at school today and went straight from school with another friend to visit him. Youngest ds says he heard that his jaw is broken, he lost all of his bottom teeth, his back is broken, and he was basically scalped. I'm not sure how accurate the report is, but it sounds bad. He is supposed to graduate in two weeks with my oldest ds. We are praying for Gavin. If you would, please add him to your prayers as well.

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My heart breaks for these parents. Praying for a miraculous healing for the kids in the hospital.


I know what you mean about kids and the days before school lets out. About 10 years ago, my sister's boyfriend at that time was in a car crash with other teens on a night similar to this and several died including him. These past two months have been dreary beyond words. So of course the first day of sun, we had teens out late driving down our country road at break-neck speeds hootin' and hollerin'. I kept praying for them every time another car would go by. It's so sad when this happens.

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It hurts because I can kind of imagine the pain those families are experiencing right now. No...I can't really...I have no idea. But, the mere thought. I can remember my own high school days, the kids we knew and loved, who experienced the same tragedies. I was JUST having a conversation with my kids about this kind of thing the other day.


I'm not putting this into words very well because, I guess, there are no good words to say at times like these. It makes no sense. It's not fair. And, yes, it happens with sickening regularity.


These families will be in my heart.

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