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Mp3 player for an 8 year old

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We are a technilogically apathetic family, so I really don't know much about MP3 players and the like. But, my oldest son, turning 8 in May, loves music and I'd like to get him something where we can control the music he listens to without him really knowing we're controlling it. So, I'd like to get him an MP3 player that we can just download a ton of songs on to that we feel are appropriate (a style he likes, but Christian lyrics) and not have him worry about him turning on the radio and listening to garbage, which is what he's been doing. I know we won't be able to this all his life, but we can now.


Anyone have any suggestions for an inexpensive MP3 player that is bare-bones and will just play what we download? This is for a boy who is also very hard on things, so it should be fairly rugged.

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Any basic mp3 player will pretty much only play what is downloaded onto it (except the high end ones like the ipod touch, where you can connect to the internet). We've had iRiver and iPods; there are pros and cons to each. You might look into getting a second-hand or refurbished older iPod, though there may be cheaper options in other brands. Mainly the memory size (# of gigs) is the price-driver.

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My dd9 has a 2G Zen Stone Plus. It has a radio but when we preset the stations (Christian Music Station) in she can only use the presets. You have to go into the options to change it and this isn't an easy task on this particular MP3.



I have a Sansa which I love, love, love. The radio function is easier to use and you can have presets but also can go through stations easily.



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I like the iPod Touches. You can disable internet access and they won't be able to turn it on without the code (or whatever it is called...) I'm pretty sure there isn't a radio on it, at least my kids haven't been able to find one so far.


The Touch gives the option of useful apps like a metronome, times table prac, flashcards that you and they can create etc, Kindle (and other) apps, ear training (music), notation prac, calendar etc etc... They can also play a multi-user game of Monopoly with a sibling (who also has a iPod Touch) using bluetooth in the car.


We also had really cheap MP3 players early on that did their job (ie, just playing audio) really well. They had teeny tiny memories, so we just cycled stuff on and off.



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