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It looks like I may be moving in 3 weeks or so!

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After the 9yo (special needs) had a meltdown this afternoon, the 2yo and a sick 6yo had to go to the doctor with me, and more issues with the neighbors, I told dh I just couldn't do it. I can't spend 4 months with 6 dc by myself. I can't take all 6 to multiple therapy/doctor/behavioral appointments 3-5 times a week, so we would postpone therapy until after we move. I won't be able to go to the grocery store alone, the doctor - not anywhere.


I know others stay behind, but I am not strong enough, I guess. The whole "stay behind in case the job doesn't work out" theory doesn't apply here - there are no jobs here and we won't have a home to live in, so there isn't much to stay for. We'd have to leave anyway, so why not now?


Besides, my mom asked me what I would do if I had to move out in the middle of the 4 months. She is putting this place on the market and it is with the expectation that we will leave if it goes under contract. What would I do?


While my father has said that dh can stay with him "for awhile" I don't see that lasting more than a couple of weeks. Then, he will have to find somewhere to live and pay rent, which we can't afford (our total rent budget is $800 - no way to split that in two!)


So, I think we will just move. The dc will have to change schools. I'll have to start all over with doctors, therapists, etc. All that would have to happen anyway, but we'll just do it now instead. I think it will be better than them having to live with a lunatic mom and no dad for 4 months.


I could be ready to move in 3 days - the benefit of not having much stuff and what we do have is pretty organized!:tongue_smilie: I am sick of all the instability, though, so I told dh that this was IT!

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Go for it! Just having a plan is the first step to feeling better - for me anyway.

Get the kids to work on packing and the adventure can begin.




We'll make a final decision after next weekend. We are probably going to NC for the weekend (dh has to get a physical at his new job and my oldest ds has his last home basketball game as a senior and they do something special.) To move, we need a tax refund to come (supposed to be that Friday) and to find a place to live that is acceptable.


If not, we'll wait until we can get everything lined up.


ETA: I am going to start packing now regardless!

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