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I'm so irritated with USPS!

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I had a furnace part overnighted on Friday, so it should have arrived on Saturday. No part Saturday...no part Sunday... Notice I said FURNACE. It's been below zero here in that time. Package was coming less than 100 miles! (I wanted to drive down and pick it up, but dh said no as it could be overnighted.)


It's a very good thing that we have two furnaces and the one that's out heats the upper floors. Otherwise, we'd have been in big trouble here. As it is, we're running space heaters in multiple locations. I'm sure my electric bill will be just dandy next month!

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I would be so angry, too! I hope it gets there today -- do you have a tracking number?


Also, are you sure the post office is to blame? Someone at the parts place might have sent it parcel post (or even Priority) instead of overnight.


Thank goodness you have other ways to heat the house!



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Our post office has a sign saying that Overnight packages are only guaranteed to arrive the next day if shipped before noon -from the post office across town. Otherwise expect the same delivery time as priority packages 2-3 days.


Yep, overnight is actually 2-3 days. I was going to pay to have something overnighted once, until they told me it would take that long. :001_huh:

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Pkg finally arrived this am. Written on the front...entered 1-21 delivery next day by noon. Tracking website also clearly says it was to be delivered by noon on Jan 22. Anyway...I'm glad it's here, but I will be sitting on the seller until I get a refund for the $25 I spent to have it overnighted!


Here's hoping dh can install the part without issue and the furnace then works!

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