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What electives do we need to add

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Do I need to try to balance the electives to make sure that they are from different categories? Why?


By the end of his senior year My 11th grader will have

4 maths

4 science

4 English

2 Literature

3 Language(Latin, Spanish)

4 History


1/2 Photography

1 PE

1/2 music theory

1/2 Worldview/Bible


We also have planned a 1/2 audio technology (might change the title)


I Was thinking that this left 2 credits but this would give us 24 as it is. Is that the absolute minimum? Would it look better to have a few more? We have the time, but if I wanted him to try an AP course next year it might be nice to have a lighter year.


Can I do another 1/2 literature?


Our state does not have specific requirements that we haven't already met. Do you see any gaps that a college might want to see filled? Something you think is important?


Thanks in advance for your input.



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The only thing I can think of is that many colleges (all our state universities, anyway) require at least one credit of the same fine art. I don't see that on your transcript. To meet that requirement you would need to add another semester of either Photography or Music. But it might not matter if the universities your ds wants to attend don't have that prerequisite. Another thought is that some universities require 2 years, but prefer 3, of the same foreign language. Again, that is for state universities in my state. Your ds's university choices may differ in entrance pre-requisites. These are just things to be aware of and check out so your bases are covered.


I don't think there is any specific need to spread out electives over different subject areas. If your son has an interest area then have him complete a course in that area. If he knows what he wants to major in in college, have him take another course in that subject. Any course beyond the required courses are electives, so you already have several listed on the transcript.


I would consider 24 credits the minimum. That is 4 years of 6 courses per year. Anywhere from 24 - 28 credits would be usual here. If it would help him to take fewer credits so he can score better on AP tests, then do it. High AP test scores may give him an admissions boost at a competitive university.

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I see electives as a personalization of my kids' education. I want those to be subjects they are interested in and do not think they need to balance in any way - a kid with a definite scientific interest might have science and math electives, whereas an artistic child may have different art electives.

I also see electives as a place to put subjects that *I* find absolutely necessary and that are not already in the requirements. For us, that is for instance computer programming.

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Around here, 24 is regular unless either (1) the student is in both foreign language and band/choir, so they take a "zero hour" course or (2) the student is in a Christian school and receiving a Bible credit every year, which might be important if you are applying to a Christian college?


Also, technically your foreign language and literature courses would be considered electives, i.e. outside of the required basics.


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I'm going to second the computer/technology elective. It is crucial that your son learn how to do a PowerPoint presentation; my daughter, a h/s senior, is taking community college classes and already she has been required to do a Power Point in 4 of her 5 classes.


Not only that, she has had to write numerous lengthy and complicated term papers in both MLA and APA formats, and without some kind of computer course she would have taken twice as long to prepare those papers. She says that formatting those term papers was harder than researching and writing the darn things! Also, she has a Florida Virtual School "Computers for College and Careers" completion certificate showing that her typing speed is over 90 wpm and that is a bona-fide credential which has helped her land part-time office jobs.

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Thank you everyone! I will do a computer credit of some kind. My brother is an engineer and he was mentioning that as well. He did learn it in college, but now they probably expect the student to know it. I think I may also contact the few colleges that we know for sure are possibilities and see if they have any requirements that we haven't covered. I have a lot to think about now and if I can get everyone occupied long enough to think, I'll be able to figure this out. It is hard to have a teacher in-service day when the students are all here! The difficulties of a homeschool parent.


Thanks again for all of the input.

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Adding in a vote for computer apps including TYPING!


Also .5 or 1 credit of fine arts is always "well rounded" looking. Your photography fits that category.


As for minimum # of credits: The minimum (IMO) is what's required to enter your state U. system.

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