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Son reluctant to do lessons

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Background info: This is our first year officially homeschooling. DS is 5. We only do about an hour a day, just reading and writing (books we're using are in my sig).


Back in September DS was gung-ho about doing our daily lessons, even reminding me and bringing out the books when we got too busy. Now for the past couple of weeks it has been so hard to get him to sit for the lessons. He drags his feet, complains he's tired, etc. When we do sit down he doesn't even want to finish a whole page of OPGTR or the ZB handwriting, when he used to zoom through 5-6 pages of ZB a day!


All of a sudden it's boring to him, what did I do wrong?


What can I do to recharge/motivate him?

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Take a break.


Do shorter lessons. Don't worry about getting through a whole lesson in one go. Stop before he wants to.


I often ask my 5yo, "Would you like to do one more or save the next one for tomorrow?" Either way, the lesson ends with a happy heart and we pick up tomorrow wherever we left off.


You can break up the monotony of the OPGTR lessons by putting much of it on a white board instead of always working out of the book.

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Christmas vacation?


Seriously, my DD started dragging her feet about the time her ps friends started talking about all the fun stuff they were doing in school-so we've backed off to doing more "fun", stuff, baking cookies and doing measurements, making crafts to distribute at a local seniors center, counting money to buy presents, doing worksheets with holiday themes from online instead of the math book, reading seasonal books, and other holiday activities. We're not making forward progress on curriculum, but it has let us keep the habit of doing school when we're at home (we'll go on vacation once we're away from home for the actual celebration).

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What can you do? Put all the books away. Just be the mother of a 5yo child, doing the things that mothers and children do together.


:iagree: I also have a 5 yo boy. He doesn't want to do anything that doesn't feel like a fun game. Sometimes school stuff is fun for him, sometimes it's not. I choose to make the best of the times it is fun and not push it when he is not interested.

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