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We found our new dog

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I wanted to thank all of you that replied to my questions about German Shepherds and bringing an older dog into our home with a cat. We decided not to take the 2 year old German Shepherd. I just couldn't get comfortable with the idea. A few days later we were asked (again) if we wanted a 4 year old lab mixed with dachshund. The owner had asked us before if we wanted her because she had to move into an apartment and couldn't keep her, but at that time it was to close to the loss of our lab for us to think about getting another dog. The dog was living with the owners parents who didn't want her because they already had 2 dogs. Anyway, we went to meet the dog and fell in love. We brought her home with us that night and she's been perfect for our family. The kids are thrilled with her and decided to name her Josie. Our cat hid for 24 hours, but is adjusting now. Josie pretty much ignores the cat. I'll try to attach a picture.

Thanks again..



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Thanks everyone. She is adorable. The only problem we're having is she is afraid of the floor vent and she has to pass it to get into our family room. She'll sit there and whine until someone walks across it with her..


Caitilin: From the floor to the top of her back she is about 19 inches tall. It's a wonder the two breeds can make puppies at all.:lol:

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