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Coconut oil on skin to treat eczema? anyone have any experience? TIA

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Dd20 has had eczema all her life and we have used loads of stuff, from herbal creams to topical steroids. Recently she tried coconut oil and it is working the best of anything we have ever tried. It has not gone, but her skin is softer, less scaly and best of all, less itchy.

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My son (age 5) has severe eczema, and some friends recommended we try coconut oil. We rubbed it on him daily for about 2 weeks, but it did nothing for his skin. They also recommended that we cook with it and get him to take it internally. We did some cooking, but no straight dosing.

A couple of months ago, we noticed that whenever we put cream on him after a bath, it didn't sting, but when we put it on his dry skin, it hurt him terribly. Now, he takes a 30-minute bath every day and I put a heavy cream on him afterward (Aveno skin repair). His skin is in much better shape that ever before and he doesn't get as itchy any more. He's had eczema since he was an infant, and everything we read said to limit his bath time, but this has been the best thing for him.

We've had so many suggestions from others over the years, so I think it is a matter of finding what works for your particular situation.

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Worked for us. Ds#2 has had eczema since he was an infant, it was really bad for a while and we tried everything, prescriptions, steroid creams, and just about every lotion or cream available, nothing worked. We have many baby pictures of that little guy with cracked, bleeding and oozing skin. We finally tried coconut oil and it has helped him tremendously. It clears it right up. We also use it on mosquito bites to stop the itching. Great stuff.

And no, it doesn't smell like anything at all.

Good luck.

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Never tried coconut oil, but ds had severe eczema as a baby (all over his body). Went to 6 different dermatologists, tried all kinds of lotions, RX cremes (Elidel, Protopic, etc.) and nothing worked. Turns out he had severe food allergies. When I eliminated the allergens from his diet, his skin cleared up. Can't believe the area between his neck and shoulder healed so well. It looked nasty for a year.


He's got beautiful skin now. Still don't bathe him much though. He uses either Vanicream soap or Kiss My Face 100% Olive Oil soap. Nothing else - no lotion, cream or sunscreen.

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