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Favorite salon SULFATE FREE shampoo

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Well, I wouldn't say it's salon, but I've tried this one:




I found it on the environmental working group's skin deep report. It has no harmful ingredients. It's not my favorite thing in the world, but it does the job. I think that thing is it's hard to get much of a lather without the harmful ingredients. I ended up switching.



My favorite is this one http://www.vitacost.com/Shikai-Natural-Everyday-Shampoo

but skin deep does not rate it as highly.

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I'm currently using Aveda products but was curious what others are using that doesn't contain sulfates.:)


I have tried at least 3 shampoos from Whole Foods but they made my head itch really bad.:confused:



Mastey makes several sulfate-free shampoos. I use Traite, which is their moisturizing shampoo.


It is available in salons in California and nearby places, or you can get it online at http://www.mastey.com



ETA: I also like Onesta products. They're sulfate free as well.

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I like the shampoos and conditioners from Salon Naturals. My favorite for my hair-type is the volumizing shampoo and conditioner, but I like them all. I like that you can buy samples and try them first before you make an investment in a product that won't work for you. I also like that they don't use any water. I hate paying for water. Instead of water, they use aloe vera juice and, wow, it does amazing things for my hair.



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I purchase my shampoo and conditioner from Beauty Brands when they have their half price liter sale in July and it lasts for about a year. This year I found a few lines there that are sulfate free. Mine is this one (AG) and its safe for color treated hair. I really like it and it actually lathers up quite a lot. I've been very happy with it and the conditioner.

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