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Those who are doing inventor's boxes for Christmas, how's it coming along?

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Oh, my two eldest would love this! They are always making things out of boxes, cardboard tubes, string, construction paper, etc. They like to raid the recycling bin for yogurt tubs, too. It would be great for them to have a box or boxes of their own, so when they are in the mood to create, I could say "Look in your inventing box." Thanks for posting this, and I look forward to more replies! :)

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definitely pvc pipe

Those blue sheets of foam they sell at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. are awesome. You can scrape into them, making realitic looking joints for stone castle walls, or wooden grooves, etc. and they can be painted.

I would get a bunch of appliance boxes (free!)

Wheels of various kinds

Real tools (whatever would be appropriate for their ages): hammer, screw driver, saw, pliers, etc. (It's different having your own than borrowing dad's. Our dad appreciates his tools not being borrowed. :) )

Tool chest for tools

Plaster of Paris for paper mache

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Judging by what my son invents out of, I think you should add:


clothes pins

plastic spoons (which are springy)

rulers (ditto)

coat hangers

paper clips (rebend)


tongue depressors

some plastic milk jugs (you can cut the plastic up to make parts)

ball bearings or marbles


largish nuts (the kind that go on bolts make good weights)



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I can't thank you all enough for posting this. My youngest boy is a MAJOR inventor - but he never has supplies or anything. He literally has wanted to build a REAL roller coaster (in the backyard), a REAL computer, a REAL airplane, etc....


The most difficult thing about parenting this boy is trying to get him to be realistic without crushing his ideas and thoughts. The way he greets his dad when he gets home is, "did you get junk?" He works in aerospace, so he occasionally has brought home stuff they are throwing away. He won father of the year the day he brought home a coffeemaker they were throwing away. It is now in pieces in my son's room!!


This is perfect for him!! He will be sooo happy!

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