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DH is taking me to a movie tonight....

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Too late to count, but dh really enjoyed Secretariat! It's not too often he hears of a movie that he'd like to see in the theaters, so when he mentioned it, I practically had to shove him out the door. He's such a homebody and hates to leave me and hates to spend money, but I really wanted him to have some "guy time". He had a great night and loved the movie.


Enjoy your time with your dh!!!

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So what did you decide, Melissa, and how was it?


Ugh! Well, I left it up to dh. He does NOT like to pay $9 per person to see a cartoon (nor do I). He also didn't have any desire to see a movie about a horse, and he didn't want to see one with a bratty kid in it...so we saw Hereafter. It was...meh. The tsunami at the beginning was very well done, very real, and there were a few touching moments, but on a whole it was slooooooooooow and boooooring. :tongue_smilie:

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