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Please.... I need a fall art project FAST!

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I am teaching art to two different groups of kids. One group is ages 4-6. The other group is 7-9. I have planned out all my projects, but I just can't do a project this week that involves paint. I planned too many with paint and I need a break! The project can also be crafty instead of artsy.


If anyone has any suggestions, blogs, websites would be great as I am highly visual, books etc... that could give me project ideas I would be forever in your debt!


Thank You in advance!

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For the 4-6 year olds maybe trace the arm and hand on a piece of cardstock, cut out and glue to another sheet of cardstock. Cut out small mosaic squares in fall colors and let them glue all over for leaves. I do this with my daughter every year and use it as fall art in my kitchen. We usually do fingerprint leaves, but we have done the mosaics.


The only suggestion I have for the older kids is painting. Sorry!

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I did Hammered Leaf Printing with my 4-H kids a couple of weeks ago.

You need:


Wax paper

Fresh leaves

Scotch tape


100% cotton fabric in white or light color - i.e. t-shirt, floursack dishtowel, handkerchief, bandana

2 tubs or buckets of warm water



Gather your leaves* - the fresher the better. Each child needs 10 or 12.

Lay down several sheets of newspaper**. Cover with a sheet of wax paper. Lay your fabric down, right side up. Arrange your leaves, right side down, on the fabric how you want them, then tape in place with Scotch tape. Cover with another sheet of wax paper. Take your hammer and hammer over all the leaves. The color will transfer from the leaves to your fabric. Remove the wax paper, leaves, and tape.


Mix 1/2 cup of salt in 2 gallons warm water. Soak the fabric for 10 minutes in the salt water bath to set the color. Rinse in clear water. Wring and allow to dry.


*I looked for leaves with interesting shapes, such as ginkgo, maple, violet, coleus, etc.


**Make sure you have enough newspaper under your fabric, particularly if you are hammering on concrete, so your fabric doesn't tear.

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I would make bird feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter, birdseed, and string.


Just have the kids tie a string around the tip of the pinecone (ponderosa or other "open" cone). Then, have the smear peanut butter all over it, and roll it in birdseed. When they get it home, they just have to hang it in a tree, and then watch to see the birds come feed.

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