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  1. When someone pays you through Paypal, where exactly does the money go? Is Paypal able to take money from your bank account if there is a dispute from the buyer? I've seen some people write about how they take the money out of their paypal account asap to avoid Paypal taking those funds out if there is a dispute. How does that work? Does it work the same whether you use it here or on Ebay? I'm nervous about taking the plunge and selling some used homeschool items, and I have given away many, but there are a few nicer sets I feel I could recoup some of the cost and want to try to sell them. I just don't know if I understand Paypal well enough to do it though. Thanks for any input! Jacqui
  2. Hi Melissa, thought I'd say "Hi" to someone living in my general neck of the woods. I see by some of your posts that we both have 1st grade boys. We live in Arnold.

  3. Thought I'd say "Hi" to someone living in my general neck of the woods. I live in Arnold, MO.

  4. This is what I needed to hear today. But may I ask, what is considered a "short well-organized expository paper"? (I guess I mean, how long should "short" be)
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