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What are all the things I can make from cooked, shredded chicken?

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pulled chicken sandwiches

chicken enchiladas

chicken tacos

chicken spaghetti

chicken soup

chicken taco soup (taco soup crockpot recipe from food.com, but with chicken instead of ground beef)

chicken salad

chicken salad sandwiches

chicken chili

black beans with rice, cheese and chicken (MY FAVORITE, no matter what meat is topping it!) (sometimes with onions, or salsa, or hot sauce, or sour cream)


Goodness am I hungry now!

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This is one of my FAVORITE problems, as occasionally I'll roast a chicken and see just how many meals I can stretch it. I started with the ideas from here: http://cheaphealthygood.blogspot.com/2009/02/1-chicken-17-healthy-meals-26-bucks-no.html -- made every one of those dishes and loved them all! Cheap, too.


Another time I made curried chicken in coconut milk; creamy chicken dijon; biscuit-topped chicken pot pie; chicken enchiladas; and bbq chicken pizza.


Since chicken is the only meat I eat (except for an occasional fish), I HAVE to be creative. :D

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