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Quick Credit Question~

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You could estimate times. Or you could designate an amount of work (like working through the complete textbook) to count as a credit- no matter how long that takes.


OTOH, I find it extremely easy to keep track of the time.

My kids write down what they do in their planners every day and time their work.

I made an Excel spreadsheet with a line for each day, columns for each subject, and just have to put in the minutes for each subject. Takes one minute. I have programmed it to add the time for each subject as well as the times for each day.

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I usually "time" how long it takes to complete assignments and guesstimate the number of hours it will take for a credit. I use 150 hours for a full credit and 75 hours for half credit. I also take finishing the curriculum ( or a % thereof) in account.


Right now my high schoolers are working 40 minutes every day for 1 credit courses and 20 minutes every day for half credit courses. BUT, we've really only had reading assignments thus far.

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With Math, credit is earned by the completed course--not by the hours it took to complete... my dd took 2 years to complete Algebra 1 and Algebra 2--she earned only 2 credits--even though it took HER enough hours for at least 4 credits.


I think the 'time' requirement is more for made-up courses (a course where there is not a standard text used).


If one of my math students worked hard and completed Algebra 1 in 70 hours they would earn the WHOLE credit... and have plenty of time to start working on the next.


So it depends on the course AND the student.

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I agree with Jann.


If there is standard content, then you get one credit for finishing it regardless of how many hours it took. This works primarily for textbooks. If the textbook was written for the hs market, then you usually have to finish the entire thing to really have a course worth a full credit. If the text was written for the ps market, there is usually a lot of excess material, so you can skip some. The text that I'm using for physics has optional chapters and sections marked with an asterisk (optional because that content isn't on the AP physics B exam).

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Maybe it would help to list the curriculum we're using?


Saxon Algebra 1 w/ Saxon Teacher CDs -- She will complete the course for credit.


Apologia's Biology with labs & companion Cd -- She will complete the course for credit.


Total Health text & workbook -- She wil complete course for credit.


The Fallacy Detective -- She will complete it, but I don't think there is credit. :confused:


IEW's Elegant Essays or something from IEW. I think finishing a course would fall under the elective- Writing Structure and Style :confused: She would finish the book, but I am also wondering if I could add in their Life Science Based Writing. I just would trade off between the two books. (THOUGHTS??)


Now-- Here the a tricky part-


I have purchased Trisms Expansion of Civilizations... and although I know she will NOT be doing everything, here is what is says:


Full Credits:

World or Classical and Medieval History

Literature & Composition OR English

Survey of Science History OR General Science

World or Classical and Medieval Geography




Multi-cultural studies

Introduction to Rhetoric

Intro to Philosophy


Research Writing (1/2 credit)

Cartography (1/2 credit)

Special Interest topic

Writing Structure & Style (if IEW is included with Literature assignments)


She WILL be going to college. She wants to be a vet or a kindergarten teacher.


~~~ so ~~~~ How do I give credit for that stuff?

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