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  1. Listen to those writing lectures, and worry no more! :D

  2. Collen,

    Thank-you! I enjoy reading your posts as well!! I think we have kids doing similar studies-- or shall I say WILL be doing similar studies! This week we are on Spring Break!! Next week we will switch to WTM! I'm VERY excitted! I just need to find some quiet time this week to listen to her lectures- From what you've said, alone, I'm very hopefull it will be helpful. The writing is the thing I worry about most!


    I finally asked the boys about their science. They wanted to study Earth first. :)

  3. Pam, just want to say that I enjoy reading your questions on the boards. Your questions are similar to things I wonder about, too, from time to time. I always want to know the "why" behind something. Like astronomy vs. earth first. :D (I picked earth because I wanted to go from something more familiar to something more unfamiliar)

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