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  1. http://diplomaguide.com/articles/Free_Textbooks_You_Can_Read_Online.html
  2. http://www.guesthollow.com/homeschool/history/americanonline.html Free U.S. History curriculum
  3. http://biblicalarcheology.net/ Free Biblical Archeology + other free courses including Biblical Journalism. I guess THIS is the main site. Theology students will enjoy.
  4. http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx Search by grades, language (english/spanish), fiction/nonfiction, and topic. THEN sort your results by author, topic, rating, interest level, book level. When you find something of interest, ADD it to your AR Bookbag. Then when you're done searching, go to your AR Bookbag and print! Also- each book gives a summary of what it's about.
  5. Thank-you Jay3fer! This really sounds interesting!
  6. Just bumping this back into circulation again! ;)
  7. Just moved about an hour and a half east of Knoxville. :D
  8. Listen to those writing lectures, and worry no more! :D

  9. Collen,

    Thank-you! I enjoy reading your posts as well!! I think we have kids doing similar studies-- or shall I say WILL be doing similar studies! This week we are on Spring Break!! Next week we will switch to WTM! I'm VERY excitted! I just need to find some quiet time this week to listen to her lectures- From what you've said, alone, I'm very hopefull it will be helpful. The writing is the thing I worry about most!


    I finally asked the boys about their science. They wanted to study Earth first. :)

  10. Pam, just want to say that I enjoy reading your questions on the boards. Your questions are similar to things I wonder about, too, from time to time. I always want to know the "why" behind something. Like astronomy vs. earth first. :D (I picked earth because I wanted to go from something more familiar to something more unfamiliar)

  11. Sewbusy, On SALE for $70??? OUCHY MAMA! :ack2:
  12. http://owl.english.purdue.edu/sitemap/ Great site for stuff like that.
  13. Oh! Okay. I have one already, but wasn't sure if she was thinking the other ones were easier to outline from or what, since that one is so concentrated. Thanks!:001_smile:
  14. Can someone tell me why SWB took out Kingfisher History of the World-at least for the logic stage? I have the 2004 ed, but jut got the 2009 ed., and it's not in there.
  15. I am also interested in teaching spelling rules to my two boys ages 11, 12 yrs. My plan is to help them create a Spelling Notebook. We would have dividers for Spelling rules, Prefix rules, suffix rules, etc. I was thinking of filling the rules and such out, using the Handy English Decoder. Then picking back up where we were in Spelling Power, adding words to the corresponding rule(s) as we go. For these "rule" pages, I've created a simple page with the title at the top right hand such as "Prefix Rules", then below it, there is a lined box that says "The Rule" across the top. Below
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