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Prayers for NH homeschoolers, please?

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Tomorrow at 10 am, the state legislative house education committee (HEC) of NH is meeting to discuss changes to our homeschool law to attach to a bill from the spring. In theory, the committee has been "studying" our law over the summer months, and now they must make recommendations to the full house for the Jan. 2010 session. Some of the recommendations made informally during the "study" sessions would make NH arguably one of the toughest states to homeschool in the nation. So much for live free or die, huh?


Not only that, but there are administrative rules and regulations that are being re-written (for our current law) and the changes are intrusive as well.


As a community, homeschoolers of all political persuasions, denominations, creeds, and faiths have come together to oppose this added intrustion in a state where there are no documentated cases of homeschool programs put on "probation" for failing to follow the law.


It is a two-front battle, and there are three or so very important meetings in the next two-three weeks. So, if you are so inclined to pray for us over here, I'd sure appreciate knowing that there are prayers going up for us from all over. All of this is exhausting -- emotionally and physically.


Thank you!

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I'm in NH too, and I'm hoping no changes will be made. It's ridiculous! Judith Day has some sort of personal vendetta against homeschoolers. Maybe they should spend more time fixing the failing schools (like the Nashua district where I live) instead of harassing homeschoolers. I guarantee my kids are doing above and beyond what their first-grade counter-parts are doing. My kids would have to go to one of the worst elementary schools in the district if I were to send them. If they want to get more homeschoolers back in PS (which I believe is their ultimate goal) they should work on fixing the schools instead of making homeschoolers jump through ridiculous hoops. It makes more sense. Most of the parents who are voting have kids in PS. It would benefit most of the people who are voting to have a better PS system. Homeschoolers make up a sliver of the population. Leave us alone and actually solve some of the problems in the school, and then some homeschoolers would actually be willing to go/go back.



End of Rant :glare:

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Hope it goes well... It's scary to me how quickly we can lose freedoms.



Yes, it is very scary. I am afraid we may be getting ready to lose more and more over the next few years as Daddy Government decides what is best for the Little People Who Don't Know What Is Best For Them.


Praying for your state. Call your Congressman in the morning and your Senators. Your Representatives and HSLDA.

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