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Sugar, guns, and kids

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"That's right, MIL. We found a FABULOUS daycare!! It's the Donuts and Guns DayCare Center. Yep, 5 star, great staff!"



Gotta love Texas - really embraced the concept of one-stop shopping.


I haven't checked the fail blog in a while, but it's always good for a laugh! Is 972 a Dallas area code?


Ayup. That's my state... :lol:

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still haven't figgered out that multi-quote thang...
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I knew it had to be Texas as soon as I saw it! Yep, around here we start 'em in the militia as young 'uns. We put a donut in one hand, and send 'em outside w/ a six shooter in the other! :lol:


:lol: They need somewhere to wear that new camo onsie and those cute baby cowboy boots. Dads might actually pick their kids up from this daycare. :D I love Texas!

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