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I went to place my order of books for next year, after spending a great deal of time trying to find the best price. But when I go to checkout I have a shipping and handling fee of $70! Is this because I bought used books from many different sellers?


Is there a way around this fee or a better way to place an order?


At this rate, I might as well just buy all the books new from Learning Resources.

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You could also try betterworldbooks.com. They have free shipping on new and used items so you might be able to get some of the stuff there. The shipping of used items from Amazon does make it cost prohibitive to buy more than one item.


I like Better World Books too, but they do adjust their prices to offset the free shipping. I found a book they were selling on Amazon at $3 (with shipping it would be $6.99). They were selling the same book on their website for $6.94. It was a little cheaper, but they obviously raised the price because of their "free shipping" policy. In my experience, I have not seen them price the books the same on their website and Amazon.com.


To the OP: I generally buy the books at a deep discount from Amazon.com Marketplace Sellers. If there's not a large difference between the new price and the used price + shipping. Then I buy the new books and spend over $25 to get free shipping. Then I go back and buy the used books at the great deals. Generally, I buy used books when they are out-of-print and/or hard to find. It rarely pays to buy a used book unless I'm just looking for a cheap book or two that wouldn't qualify for free shipping from Amazon.



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yep, when you but from market place sellers you have to pay $3.99 on each book even if they come from the same seller. So when buying items from Marketplace sellers, I always add $4 to the price of the items and then I only buy them if they are still $2-$3 cheaper than the Amazon price. Otherwise I order them from Amazon because after $25 shipping is free. In the mean time, do not leave marketplace items sitting in your cart too long or you may find that the system will complete it as an order and shipping it to you anyhow. She my Amazon thread for more info about this.

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Back when I had 30-50 books at a time listed, I did this several times. I refunded all but $1/item of what Amazon paid me for shipping for any item beyond the first. Sellers are not obligated to do that though, and I've only been successful once at getting a seller to do the same for me. The larger sellers will tell you that their system isn't set up to do that, or they just won't respond.:D

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