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  1. blendergal

    Help me remember this literature guide?

    Inside Stories by Janice Montgomery from Prufock Press?
  2. blendergal

    Memoria Press lit guides

    We are coming from public school, so I tend to think in terms of Guided Reading Level, where 3rd graders are expected to read at level P by the end of the year. My son is reading level N books comfortably. Charlotte’s Web is an R. Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Farmer Boy are Q. Paddington is a T. Actually, Little House in the Big Woods (one of the 2nd grade titles) is also a Q. I know these leveling systems are imperfect. I’m just trying to explain why I thought they seemed advanced. I haven’t sat down with the books to see how much of a “stretch” each of them would be.
  3. blendergal

    Memoria Press lit guides

    Straightforward question: Are students expected to read the MP lit guide books independently? My 3rd grader is making slow, steady progress, but I know he’s a below-average (cringe!) reader. Still, the MP lit guide titles seem advanced.
  4. blendergal

    3rd grade language arts

    This is what my 3rd grader is doing this year: Reading: AAR 4 + reading library books to mom Spelling: AAS 3-4 + SpellingCity for practice Handwriting: HWT Cursive Grammar and Writing: FLL 2 and WWE 2 We are also always working on a Critical Thinking Press book. We did Inference Jones first, and now we’re about 2/3 finished with Editor in Chief.
  5. We used Mystery Science last year (2nd grade) and I loved the format. Engaging presentation of background information + a truly easy hands-on activity for each lesson. DS wanted to study physics this year, so we are using RSO Physics 1. There aren’t any videos but it has a lot of the qualities I loved about Mystery Science. If you haven’t, you should check RSO out!
  6. I’m interested in this, too. We just started Song School Spanish 2, and I guess I’m tentatively planning to do Spanish for Children after that. We’ve done it mostly orally because learning to read and write in ENGLISH has been such an uphill climb. I’m intrigued by the idea of a Spanish reading program like La Pata Pita. You say it doesn’t make sense for non-native speakers? How else do you get started reading in Spanish. Even after Song School Spanish 1, I feel like we know so little vocabulary, Spanish board books are over our head.
  7. Flash cards are really piling up over here. We need to regularly review cards for AAS and AAR. We have math fact flash cards and Spanish flash cards. I even printed out the cards in the back of the SOTW activity book with grand plans to review them regularly. Flash card apps don't appeal to me right now, but we love playing board games. Does anyone know of a good resource for printable board games you can use with flash cards of any kind? Or directions for adapting board games we already have, without a ton of work?
  8. blendergal

    Thanksgiving Lesson Ideas?

    We are doing some books and activities from the BYL unit study on the history of Thanksgiving. It’s meant to last 3 weeks, so we’re just picking and choosing.
  9. blendergal

    Hands on grammar supplement?

    Have you looked at Beowulf’s Grammar? On TPT, I liked using a series called Gobs of Grammar as a supplement.
  10. This is what we’re doing for third grade. I would love to hear from others because it’s just our second year of homeschooling. Prayer, Handwriting, Geography OR Life of Fred (30 minutes) Spelling and Reading lessons (30 minutes total) Read aloud to me (30 minutes) Language Arts loop (45 minutes) Math (45 minutes) Science OR History (30 minutes) I read aloud at lunch and bedtime (history and literature). Both boys also do Spanish (15 minutes) and piano (15 minutes) most days. Our days feel long because my son needs lots of little breaks.
  11. blendergal

    Lightning Literature teacher guides?

    The teacher’s guide has discussion questions, extension suggestions, worksheet answers, and composition assignments in it. If you aren’t doing the composition portion, I think you could go without the teacher’s guide for 2nd grade.
  12. blendergal

    Guest Hollow Language Arts?

    I’m also curious to hear from moms who have used it. I’m considering it for NEXT school year when I’ll have a 2nd grader and a 4th grader.
  13. blendergal

    Reading list book

    Timeline of Classics from IEW?
  14. blendergal

    How do you pronounce Apologia?

    Pam Barnhill pronounces it Sahnlight on her podcasts. I don’t know where she’s from, but I wondered if it was a regional thing.
  15. blendergal

    Science of sound recommendations

    The most recent episode of the Wow in the World podcast (EAR YE! EAR YE!) was on this topic. They have some teacher materials on the website, too.
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