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  1. MP science is meant to be mastery based, the way that is achieved is a workbook, flashcards, recitation questions and discussion. If you are not wanting that level of mastery you can totally use it to read the text and orally go over the questions. My 3rd grader did astronomy that way last year and I was amazed at how much he retained just doing it that way. He also enjoyed it and I did too because it was open and go and a quick subject once a week.
  2. My 3rd grader used MP Intro to Comp this year and his writing has improved so much this year. It was tied to the literature he read so he was excited to be able to use those stories. I already have MP Fable for next year and I love how everything is broken down into manageable pieces and you practice until it becomes second nature. I feel like a 3rd grader could manage it (maybe at a slower pace) but if you look at when that would put them in the later stages of the progym I wouldn't rush it.
  3. We recently started the MP Mammals study and we are really enjoying it so far. The books they picked are engaging and have great pictures and the guides are just a really good jumping off point for discussion. We don't write every answer (2nd/3rd grade) in the guide but I can see it being a bit tedious if you did.
  4. I have been watching her for that because I heard it could be a problem but she does cross the midline with both hands. It doesn't seem like there is a pattern to why/ when she switches, just whenever she wants to. How sad. 😣 I am left handed but thankfully I never encountered anything like that.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I was thinking that would be the consensus but I wanted to make sure I wasn't off base.
  6. Here's some back story for my question - My 5 year old daughter has consistently used both hands for all things - drawing, coloring, writing, eating, throwing a ball, etc. - since she was tiny. As we progress with her kindergarten year she still has not picked a dominant hand to use. Sometimes she will finish a complete worksheet using one hand and sometimes she will switch several times doing one page. I do not care which she uses, or if she uses both, but I do not want to be doing her a disservice by not focusing on one for school time and handwriting training. What would/ have you done?
  7. Mine just finished the second Harry Potter book. I saw he picked up the first 39 Clues to read next. His self picked reading stack includes The Littles, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and The Boxcar Children.
  8. That was one of my concerns. Would you mind sharing what you used instead?
  9. I kept trying to find the old thread too. I'm still undecided on a few things but we are mostly just moving to the next book for most subjects. Bible: Finish Picture Smart Bible New Testament and TheOlogy then start Bible Study Guide again Maths: BA 2A and Primary Mathematics 2A (we already started these) Language Arts: I really can't decide on this. We are using ELTL 1 right now and I think it is too gentle. Some sort of spelling, some grammar, and some copywork. Science: Mystery science probably History: Finish SOTW 1 (we are about half way currently) and start Vol. 2 Latin: Prima Latina Keep doing piano lessons and hopefully add some physical activity.
  10. I'm starting to look at options for next year for my rising 2nd grader. For 1st grade we are using ELTL. I like ELTL but it is so gentle and slow moving that DS7 is not being challenged and that is really what he thrives on. I am terrible at grammar so I need a lot of hand holding. Has anyone used Beowulf's? I couldn't find any reviews online since it is newer. If you have other suggestions I am all ears. I thought I was going to go more Charlotte Mason and leave grammar instruction until later (which I still might) but I want to make sure I am not leaving gaps I'm going to regret later.
  11. It looks like there are some good options this year.
  12. I had that problem and finally solved it with ticky-tack on the back and using masking tape on all the edges.
  13. My 6 year old is half way through AAR Level 2 and it is EASY for him. He doesn't even blink at the practice pages and can read one in about 5 minutes. So when we finish level 2, what should I do next? Each level is pretty expensive so Level 3 feels like over kill to me but at the same time I want him to have a great phonics base to work from and I have 2 more kids coming up after him that can use it. TIA!
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