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  1. My favorite shampoo is actually shower gel from Lush - Happy Hippy, Good Karma, and Olive Branch are my faves. Just a tiny dab of it gets your hair clean. Andalou Naturals is another good shampoo. I don't use nail polish, so I'm no help on that.
  2. I would make getting a fence your top priority. You say the dog is a wonderful family dog, so I'm sure your kids would be so upset at losing him. Finding a good situation to rehome a dog is very difficult, especially an adult dog who is well past the cute puppy stage. It is so traumatic for a dog to be removed from his family and home. Don't make the dog pay for your inability to keep him in your own yard. Just get a fence.
  3. I'm sorry. How terribly sad. 😞
  4. I assumed it was deleted because the OP said she wanted to punch a moderator in the face.
  5. People I know in Sweden and Denmark are saying that lots of items at their Ikeas are out of stock, too.
  6. Ikea is having major shortages worldwide that are expected to continue for at least another year, according to what I have read.
  7. No, demand is still through the roof here. Lots of people are wanting to escape the big city a few hours away.
  8. I’ve always spelled it grey, probably because that is the more common spelling in the horse world.
  9. Do you have room to walk? You can get a lot of steps walking inside, even in a small space.
  10. I have a Fjallraven Greenland duffel bag that is sage green. I have spot cleaned it a few times, which worked well. I only use it occasionally, though, so it has never gotten that dirty.
  11. I'm sorry about your situation - that sounds miserable. I wonder if your doctor could find a way to get the insurance company to approve surgery. As problematic as American healthcare is, I was thankful for it when I had my hysterectomy in May. I'm in a hysterectomy support group that has over 30,000 members from around the world. Some of the women from countries with universal healthcare have absolute horror stories about not being able to get approval for hysterectomies despite massive bleeding, pain, etc. If they do get approval, the wait times can be insane - many, many months or even years. Some are booted out of the hospital right after surgery with absolutely no follow-up care at all, not even a visit or phone call with their health care provider to make sure healing is going well. Some are in the situation where robotic surgery would be best for them, but it is not widely available in their countries, so they have to come to the US to have surgery. In contrast, I first discussed hysterectomy with my doctor in mid-April. Less than month later, my surgery was over and done. The whole process moved very quickly and smoothly, and I had excellent care throughout. As many times as I have grumbled about healthcare and health insurance, I was so grateful at how positive my experience was compared to women from other areas of the world.
  12. I don't pay attention to what's in or out, but I love these Dr. Martens and think they are timeless. https://www.zappos.com/p/dr-martens-1460-vegan-8-eye-boot-black/product/7821689/color/3 https://www.zappos.com/p/dr-martens-2976-vegan-chelsea-boot-black-felix-rub-off/product/8872356/color/374711 I have the 1460 8-eye boots in both black and cherry red. Love that they have so many vegan options.
  13. I love pineapple when it is paired with jalapeños.
  14. My current favorite is roasted mushrooms, parsley, oregano, plant-based mozzarella, and truffle oil.
  15. I am so antsy for the Moderna booster. I believe the FDA advisory committee is supposed to vote Thursday or Friday on authorizing it.
  16. Google "whole food plant based cashew cheese sauce" and you will find many healthy recipes. You can sub white beans (like cannellini) for the cashews, if you prefer.
  17. We’ve had pale gray towels for several years and they still look good as new. They’ve never needed bleaching (which is good, because I don’t use bleach on anything). Don’t know how they would hold up to acne medication - no one here uses it. I throw towels in with clothes often and have never had a problem doing that.
  18. Aspartame has been linked to depression, irritability, and cognitive problems. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28198207/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5617129/ I promise you will feel so much better once you ditch pop. I was addicted for decades, first to Tab when I was a kid (thanks for buying that crap, Mom and Dad 🙄) and then Diet Dr. Pepper as an adult. Dh was hooked on Diet Mountain Dew. We both gave up sugar and artificial sweeteners in our 40s and only drink water, tea, and coffee now. It's hard to even describe how much better you feel when that crap is out of your system. Your tastebuds totally change and the craving for sweets and junk food goes away. Dh and I both lost 40 lbs and have kept it off (we're in our mid 50s now). We did a total diet overhaul at the same time and started eating whole food plant based. Now, when I look at pop, it makes me feel queasy that I ever consumed all those chemicals. It is so unappealing, it may as well be battery acid. Plus, I could kick myself for all the money we spent on pop over the years. I'm sure it was thousands of dollars, and all for something that was terrible for our health.
  19. Thank you for being kind to the wee mousie.❤️
  20. For anyone interested in preventing or reversing cognitive decline, I recommend the book The Alzheimer's Solution: A Breakthrough Program to Prevent and Reverse the Symptoms of Cognitive Decline at Every Age. https://smile.amazon.com/Alzheimers-Solution-Breakthrough-Symptoms-Cognitive/dp/0062666487/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=alzheimer's+solution&qid=1633726797&sr=8-3 The authors, Drs. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai, are neurologists and directors of the Brain Health and Alzheimer's Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Medical Center. They explain the effect that lifestyle has on brain function and advise how to decrease your risk of dementia through nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, and engagement. It's an excellent read.
  21. I’ve never been because there aren’t any near us. But my dd just went off to college in a town that has one, so I’m hoping a visit to TJs will be happening in my near future!
  22. Our pampered house kitties like to lounge on the screened porch all summer long. As soon as there is a tiny hint of fall chill in the air, they’ll go out for two minutes and then be meowing plaintively at the door wanting to come back in.
  23. Glad it went well! I had a hysterectomy and prolapse repairs in May and have been doing great ever since.
  24. We could run around naked in our house or anywhere on our 50 acres and no one would see. No neighbors for miles and our house is 1/2 mile back from the road. There are a lot of small planes and the occasional hot air balloon that pass overhead, so they might get an eyeful.
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