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  1. So wait, it wasn't staked? Or it was? Because I have honestly never seen a foundation dug without stakes in the ground first (have been in the construction business my whole life). Or did they stake it but you didn't see it before they dug?
  2. Was it not staked out beforehand? Here, it is always staked out prior to digging.
  3. I'm not seeing that at all where I live. Here, getting married at 22 or 23 is considered getting married young.
  4. Same here - we're a tall family. My two boys are 6'4" and my dd is 6'. Our family eats very healthy and we always have plenty of food on hand, but it never occurred to me to do anything beyond that.
  5. Nope. Hickory floors, white woodwork, cabinets, and doors. Our mantel is a hickory slab but unfinished live edge. Some of the furniture is painted white, some is pine, and a coffee table and side table have darker wood tabletops.
  6. The OP describes her friend as being extremely high risk. That makes her different than "most of us". Apparently her doctor(s) think her life is at significant risk, or I doubt they would be recommending such major surgeries.
  7. I got Kate Beckett from Castle, a show I have never seen.
  8. I am not crazy about pineapples, pears, cantaloupes and similar melons, papayas, apricots, loquats, persimmons. I eat a lot of pomegranates (my favorite), all kinds of citrus, lots of berries, watermelon, kiwis, apples, plums, nectarines, cherries, bananas, avocados, dates, figs. I am only so-so on grapes and I can't stand raisins.
  9. Here, some Amish have been incarcerated for s*xual abuse of both children and animals (yes, animals...). Someone who has worked on the cases said that they believe this type of abuse is quite rampant, but the closed nature of the community makes it extremely difficult for victims to seek help.
  10. We’ve used notarize.com several times and I would highly recommend them. All of the notaries we worked with were great - very helpful and efficient.
  11. Same here with the buggy accidents, and lots of farming accidents involving young kids, too.
  12. Don’t do it. Preserve your sanity. My dh and I spent SO much time coaching our kids’ sports because no one else would volunteer. Looking back now that my kids are grown, I wish I would have spent all those hours doing something else - something enjoyable that didn’t involve dealing with other people’s kids and worst of all, other parents. It is easy to get burned out coaching, so I would not recommend it unless it is something you really want to do.
  13. Yes, so many puppy mills. And the auction houses are full of their horses that they run into the ground and then sell for slaughter.
  14. I eat any kind of vegetables I can get my hands on - love them. I eat a lot of different fruits, too, but am a little pickier about those because I don't like anything that tastes overly sweet.
  15. I like my coffee iced. I usually fill my 20 oz Yeti three times a day with coffee, a splash of hazelnut or cashew milk, and lots of ice.
  16. I use two kinds - Real Purity roll on and Andalou Naturals stick deodorant. These are the two best natural deodorants I have ever tried.
  17. From what I’ve seen, it takes a few days after the patch is removed for vision to go back to normal. I’m surprised the doctors you talked to didn’t know about this.
  18. That didn’t happen to me, but I’ve seen a lot of women talk about it in the hysterectomy group I’m in. Did you have the patch that prevents nausea from anesthesia? Blurry vision seems to be a common side effect of that.
  19. I am up and getting things done as soon as I wake up. Dh is the same way.
  20. Do any of the animal rescues in your area have thrift stores? That's where we donate our books.
  21. If the surgical nurse dd lived here, she would have to get vaccinated or be out of a job. Hospitals here are requiring it.
  22. That was a misconception that has now been thoroughly debunked. Soy has been found to actually be protective against breast and other types of cancer. https://www.aicr.org/resources/blog/soy-and-cancer-myths-and-misconceptions/
  23. This sounds a lot like my dd who has ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder). For my dd, it goes way beyond being a picky eater - she has sensory issues that make eating difficult. She also has noise intolerance (misophonia). Based on your description, I would recommend looking into ARFID - there is treatment that can help.
  24. Try a whole food plant based diet with plenty of soy (tofu, tempeh, soy curls). That's what I eat and I made it through menopause without a single hot flash or night sweat. I've read that the same is true for women in Asian countries who consume lots of plants and soy.
  25. Honestly, the only abnormal (in a good way!) part is that you were able to get plenty of uninterrupted sleep for so many years. I don’t know any adults who are able to do that.
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