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  1. If her appetite is more lackluster than usual, she needs to see a vet now. That is one of the danger signs.
  2. I copied the below from a vet site - this is the same advice that my vet friends give when clients are struggling with the decision of when to euthanize. The Rule of “Five Good Things”: Pick the top five things that your pet loves to do. Write them down. When he or she can no longer do three or more of them, quality of life has been impacted to a level where many veterinarians would recommend euthanasia. Good Days vs. Bad: When pets have “good days and bad days,” it can be difficult to see how their condition is progressing over time. Actually tracking the days when your pet is feeling good as well as the days when he or she is not feeling well can be helpful. A check mark for good days and an X for bad days on your calendar can help you determine when a loved one is having more bad days than good.
  3. It doesn’t matter if the pieces are big or small - both are dangerous. I would be in the car right now headed for the vet who is an hour away. At the very least, call them and see what they advise.
  4. Do not induce vomiting, as that can be very dangerous. If it was a small piece of glass, your vet might advise feeding her bread to help it pass through. Since it sounds like it was a larger quantity of glass, you really need to take her in.
  5. Yes, you need to take her to an emergency vet now.
  6. I just did some quick googling and saw that poodles are on the list of breeds that can have the MDR1 mutation. It is definitely worth discussing with your vet, as several commonly used drugs can be toxic. It is easy to get your dog tested for the mutation. I used Wisdom Panel to test my Aussies. You can also get it done through the Washington State University Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Lab. https://vcpl.vetmed.wsu.edu My vet recommends Interceptor Plus as the only heartworm preventative that should be used with dogs that have or could have the mutation.
  7. What type of dog is it? Some herding breeds are prone to having a genetic mutation called MDR1 that causes them to be extremely sensitive to ivermectin and some other drugs.
  8. The fact that she's from a hoarding situation is why they are being adamant about requiring a fence. Such dogs are usually very fearful and prone to bolt. If they get away, they are extremely difficult to catch because they have never been socialized and are terrified of everyone and everything. In my experience of adopting hoarded dogs, many of them never get over their fears. Adopting one is definitely a challenge and requires much more work and patience than a "normal" dog, and a willingness to accept lifelong ptsd-like behaviors.
  9. Obviously, I was not saying that a fence would prevent a dog from getting snatched by a bird. It was just to note that small dogs face unique dangers that larger dogs do not.
  10. I agree. There have been several instances here lately of coyotes coming into yards and snatching small dogs, even when a human is right there. A good fence is an absolute must. As someone else has already mentioned, birds of prey are also a danger to small dogs.
  11. Usually the recommendation is for the dog to go on a balanced, low fat prescription food made specifically for dogs with pancreatitis. Hill’s i/d or Royal Canin Veterinary Diet GI Low Fat are two good choices.
  12. If they are veggie lovers, produce boxes from The Chef's Garden are gorgeous and so much better than anything you can buy in a grocery store: https://www.chefs-garden.com Tropical Fruit Box is another one that we get regularly: https://tropicalfruitbox.com
  13. I second the suggestion of trying to find a vet. Are there any vets in your area who treat reptiles and amphibians? I am pretty sure our small animal vets would be willing to help in a situation like this, even though toads are outside their area of expertise.
  14. I had a hysterectomy and prolapse repairs earlier this year and my doctor has me using a pea-sized amount twice a week. I don't have problems with dryness and never get UTI's, but my doctor recommends it to help keep the tissues healthy. I was initially concerned about using a hormone cream, but feel comfortable using it now after talking to my doctor and doing some research. There is no evidence linking topical estrogen cream to cancer. I use the synthetic kind and would never use anything derived from pregnant mares. That industry is truly sickening and evil.
  15. Just went through this with my college dd, but she is only two hours away and I was able to bring her home for the weekend to recuperate. She tested negative for Covid and strep, thankfully, and seems to be on the mend. She goes to a big state school and their Student Health system was overwhelmed last week with kids who are sick with respiratory crud. Hope your dd feels better soon.
  16. Back when I used to do all our grocery shopping in person, it could easily take an hour each week. I buy loads of produce, which takes time to select and bag. Plus I cook most things from scratch, so my list usually included lots of ingredients.
  17. I like to go early in the morning when the store is calm and quiet and almost empty.
  18. My dh is the truth teller in his family. It infuriates his siblings that he refuses to go along with the sick family dynamic.
  19. Not a remedy for an existing infection, but for prevention in the future - there have been multiple studies linking e coli found in chicken to human UTI's. https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=154874 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/08/180828085911.htm https://www.webmd.com/women/news/20171009/did-your-uti-come-from-a-chicken-coop
  20. News Radio and Third Rock From the Sun are two of my all time favorite funny shows.
  21. Enjoying our newly empty nest! Dh and I have just started a massive Swedish Death Cleaning of the whole house. Then we’re going to tackle all the home repairs that have been put off for years.
  22. Maybe stress, but I would have her checked over by a vet, especially since she’s getting older and goldens are prone to so many health problems.
  23. Ours gets picked up multiple times a day and disposed of out in our woods. Horse poop is the bigger issue here. 200+ pounds a day!
  24. We live way out in the country and can’t see or hear anyone, thankfully - there isn’t another house within a mile of us. Our only loud neighbors are the coyotes.
  25. I know someone who was in the ICU for two months and survived. That was in the early days of the pandemic.
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