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  1. I understand. I know next to nothing about Peyton Manning, and even less about sports in general. I hope the story turns out to be false, as I do know he is a hero to many young boys.
  2. Why do so many people assume the victim is falsifying their story? The rates of sexual assault is extraordinarily high. People claiming abuse when there was none is far less. I only think of a few cases where the victim has not given the whole story, and even fewer that have been complete lies. Anytime a story like this comes out, I'm always floored by the skepticism.
  3. I just fill my jar with oats and pour on the milk. I use almond or coconut. When I'm training for a fitness show, I use water. I leave it in the fridge overnight. I've never had an issue with it not turning out. I use rolled oats, but you could use quick oats if you're having bad luck with them being hard.
  4. Estranged sounds negative. I don't get the impression when, hearing the term, that the couple is working things out. Very much the opposite, divorcing and it's messy.
  5. Me too. I started watching it because of the family dinners. Seemed so nice and quaint! I do like Crosby and Amber, mostly because I love the actors and other characters they have played. Parenthood fans- Have you seen the show About a Boy? Crosby is friends with the main character. It is a very cute show.
  6. I go back and forth with this show. I watched it when it was on originally and am now watching the netflix episodes I missed. A huge part of me hates all the characters, but a part of me also really likes the family. I'm super indecisive about the whole experience!
  7. Congratulations! What a great day!
  8. I've used both. I personally prefer Singapore Standards. However, MIF is a solid program. I feel it's a bit more cluttered than Standards, but if you have a kid that goes for big bright pictures, it would be a good option. I do like the hardback textbook feel of MIF. I don't think either is confusing with the topics. I could see how MIF might be considered easier though, because it typically is taught with the instructors guide. It also has that classic math text feel too it, like I said.
  9. Since I switched to a cup, I'm not prevented from doing anything. Even heavy lifting and hiking. It has helped with cramps too!
  10. What you've said about yourself in this thread doesn't jive with my opinion of you at all. I follow your trail journal because I'm planning a through hike myself (in about 10 years!) and not only do you look pretty and vibrant in your photos, you seem to have a self confidence that comes through...a confidence I myself don't even have. Anyway, I know we all have our issues and perceptions to work through, but you should know others don't see you that way. There is just no way.
  11. Dd read them when she was 5, with minimal interest. Now, at 8, she reads them with greater interest. I read them around age 7.
  12. This is actually really interesting hearing the variations. It seems like bonuses used to be common many years ago, but not so much now. I once got a McDonald's gift card as my Christmas gift. Funny, but that company is no longer in business!
  13. Does your, or your significant other's, company give end of year bonuses? My husband was expecting something from his company this year, but I don't him not to because I don't think a lot of companies give big bonuses any longer. Sure enough he didn't get what he was hoping for. Just wondering other's experiences. Thanks! Edited: 100-150 employees.
  14. What a great story! Those dolls are fantastic. The appeal of Barbie and Bratz, is the plastic movable body. It's so much easier to accessorize and dress than other dolls. I can't stand them, so I've bought other dolls, but it's clearly not as much fun as her friend's dolls.
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