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  1. JoJosMom / kwg, The website definitely WAS NOT a chronic problem last year for History at our House or the Literature at our House. It looks like they are trying to implement a new payment system this week, so they are making changes to the pages unfortunately. It looks like it is working ok right now. The main websites, historyatourhouse.com or literatureatourhouse.com, are for information about the program such as a the syllabus, school year calendar, and for registering for the courses. After you register for the courses, you are sent an email with a link to the content. Ther
  2. Mom in High Heels, I will be taking Scott Powell's History at Our House for American History next year. I took his European History for Upper Elementary children this year and learned so much. Oh I am 45 by the way.. :) Seriously, my 9 and 12 yr old loved this guy. I listened to every recording commuting to work, and I learned more from this elementary class than I did in high school or college. Mr. Powell is very entertaining, knows his stuff well, and delivers it well. I think he is a great history teacher. You can do either recordings of Webex, or live Webex with the class. http
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