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  1. My middle schooler loves these two teachers http://historyatourhouse.com http://www.literatureatourhouse.com Both of them were teachers at the Vandamme academy for many years before going online on their own. http://www.vandammeacademy.com/index.php
  2. I belonged to the Robinson Facebook group for about a year, and it seemed to me that a large majority were thriving with the RC methods. As a matter of fact, many families had found the RC out of desperation because they were burnt out and failing from their previous homeschooling efforts. Just read the forums here to see such struggles. The RC is far more than a book list. It is a method that develops the student into an independent self guided learner. For my students, we have modified the RC curriculum so that we have added formal history and literature. We don't use the book list.
  3. Yes, outsource it to history at our house with scott Powell. I have mentioned in the past how great my wife and I think his teaching is. It so happens our 4th, 5th, and 7th graders are taking his excellent American History class this year. Truth be told, I love listening to the classes on my way to work. He offers live class subscriptions or subscriptions for the recordings only. We do the recordings for $20/month. He conducts the live class on webex and the recordings are available later in the day. We started last year in January and were able to finish the class by end of June by d
  4. Here is part 1 of a 3 part series by Saxon Author Stephen Hake on CCSS. His perspective is pretty interesting. I will be publishing parts 2 and 3 over the next week. http://wp.me/p4nApj-1j
  5. The big grammar book can easily be used as a consumable workbook. The type of question are answered by having the student circle the appropriate choice, underline a phrase, write 1 word answers, write a few sentences, and draw a diagram or two.
  6. XtraMath History At Our House (Webex) Literature At Our House (WizIQ) Quizlet for vocabulary
  7. JoJosMom / kwg, The website definitely WAS NOT a chronic problem last year for History at our House or the Literature at our House. It looks like they are trying to implement a new payment system this week, so they are making changes to the pages unfortunately. It looks like it is working ok right now. The main websites, historyatourhouse.com or literatureatourhouse.com, are for information about the program such as a the syllabus, school year calendar, and for registering for the courses. After you register for the courses, you are sent an email with a link to the content. Ther
  8. My 4th and 6th graders loved these two guys. This is like a regular class setting over webex. You can buy a subscription to the online class and have your daughter sit in, or you can pay less for the recordings. We buy the recordings. I think Scott Powell does such a great job teaching the students history. http://historyatourhouse.com and Mr. Travers is an amazing Literature teacher http://www.literatureatourhouse.com
  9. kiana, I think that place value understanding really shines in Saxon's mental math sections. Right from 5/4, Stephen Hake starts teaching mental math strategies with regrouping, partial products techniques, half of 10, etc. that really cement place value knowledge for the students. I am bummed that my oldest only started the mental math with the 8/7 book, but even with him his ability has increased tremendously. Can't wait to see how my daughter who started the 5/4 book progressive on up through the Saxon series with these kind of mental math exercises.
  10. In general I would go with the editions that Art Reed recommends: http://www.homeschoolwithsaxon.com/newsletterpage-2013.php#0413 Some people like the simplicity of the 1st and some 2nd editions but it seems you need to be careful not to mix them around the 7/6, 8/7 area.
  11. Yes, I am very surprised how much Saxon gets criticized for lacking conceptual instruction. In fact, I thought the teaching of pi was excellent through 3 of the books. As a matter of fact, Math 7/6 had an excellent investigation activity that cemented the understanding of pi for my son. Now in Math 8/7 it is a given to him. In my opinion, Stephen Hake and John Saxon really thought thing out with the program especially the balance between concepts and practicing. Oh and the mental math is INVALUABLE in my view.
  12. elmerRex, Course 1 = Math 7/6 = 6th grade Course 2 = Math 8/7 = 7th grade Course 3 is 8th grade. Keep in mind that the Course books are not officially offered to homeschoolers. Some homeschoolers choose to buy Course 3 from 3rd party sources and use it between (Math 8/7 or Algebra 1/2) and Algebra 1. You can read the author's opinion on this in my discussion with him on my blog. http://homeschoolingodyssey.wordpress.com Yes, if you can acquire the course books, then you could do 5/4, 6/5, Course 1, Course 2, Course 3.
  13. According to the Hake Publishing site, not much was changed. http://www.hakepublishing.com/common-core-state-standards.html How much revision did Grammar and Writing undergo to meet Common Core? Very little. Because of the already extensive nature of the Grammar and Writing series, nothing whatsoever was changed in the hardcover textbooks. The authors added between three to five new lessons at the end of the student workbooks, and that is all. In what ways does Grammar and Writing exceed the Common Core Standards? Grade-appropriate Core Knowledge® content (not to be confused with
  14. I would definitely NOT describe Saxon Math as "drill and kill". That was a negative description used by the education establishment in the 80s and 90s to disparage John Saxon and his books because his books were making the "experts" look like fools - because they worked so well and the test results proved it. What i love about the Saxon books 5/4 and up are that they DO teach the concepts very well. I do read about many people not liking the books below 5/4 however (i have never used those). The concepts are taught clearly and succinctly so that my children can read them independently
  15. Thankfully there doesn't seem to be much change at all. It says no changes to the Grammar portion. http://www.hakepublishing.com/common-core-state-standards.html
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