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  1. I just asked around in homeschool community. I would not ask the district. It just has to be any licensed teacher. IME a lot of homeschooling moms are ex teachers who are happy to evaluate. Choose an evaluator who meshes with your style. Do you know what part of PA you may be moving to?
  2. I’m in PA and it’s no big deal. We file two things at the beginning of the year (an intent to homeschool and a list of objectives, which I print off a site and is incredibly vague). I make a portfolio of a few pieces of work from each subject. I have a friend who’s an evaluator, and she talks to each kid for 30 mins or so about what they learned.
  3. In the fall im scheduled to teach a once a week writing class to kids around 7-10 years old. I have no idea what their experience is. I am not sure how to begin- I won’t really be able to assign work at home, and it’s considered enrichment. I want it to be fun and engaging. I thought of studying poetry and trying to write our own poems. Any ideas? Experiences? Books to recommend?
  4. That’s a huge housing budget for Philly. Housing is very affordable here!
  5. Well I guess our school financial aid office steered us wrong then. That stinks.
  6. Hm could it be school dependent? They didn’t seem to care that we were married parents. Being 18/19 was all that mattered.
  7. The married thing must be new. When I attended college (2002-2005) I was told that my husband I I had to both submit FAFSAs with our parents information, though we were totally independent and had our own child. It was frustrating and humiliating!
  8. We got a rat zapper for our mice and it was magical. No other traps helped.
  9. I have 9 kids in 16 years, no babysitters or mothers helpers, no cleaning ladies or meals outside post partum. But maybe she needs more help.
  10. I cook all the meals, but my DH will grill or help if I ask him too.
  11. I know, my kids do silly stuff all the time, but honestly, will the OP's son die? Unless there are some sort of special needs involved, generally I think that if you're old enough/mature enough to go to college, you are capable of eating when hungry, or dealing with the consequences of not eating.
  12. What’s the problem with him eating 2 meals a day? Can’t he decide for himself? I’d say gently that it’s time to cut the strings and let him decide how he wants to eat. I’m sure you raised hiM with common sense enough to eat if he’s in danger.
  13. I totally disagree with these posters saying that it's a sign of something wrong with you to care about this. No, of course don't harangue or judge him, but the simple feeling of frustration when a person makes self-destructive choices is normal and human. I have a mother with a serious mental illness, and she does financially crazy things all the time which hurt her. They don't hurt me, but it makes me nuts when she tells me about spending thousands on ________ dumb thing. I work hard not to respond, or to be constructive, but the feeling is fine because she is someone I love, and she's hurti
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