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  1. I appreciate the words of advice, thank you :) She is flying through curriculum, is about a grade and a half above her age and has no issue with any of the 3 Rs. I want something available because she WANTS to do some kind of social studies (and science, she loves the Apologia Astronomy). She is in late first grade if we want to grade level her - which means that when I start it with her she'll be mid-2nd grade. I don't want a completely independent curriculum at 2nd grade though... I thought HoD was a complete curriculum? We really don't like Abeka though. DS used materials when he was younger.
  2. To clarify my post (it was late at night!), we do take a month off for Christmas, a week off for Thanksgiving, and about 4 weeks total through the year for travel vacations.
  3. I don't think we have a beginning of the school year... or maybe we don't have an end? We finish one thing and kind of pick up the next. Usually between math programs they get a couple weeks break from math otherwise I face a mild rebellion. Like, we finish SOTW in early March. DS will move into independent SOTW 2, DD will come back with me to work on something else. I add in curriculum as they age and as they are ready for it. DS will be ready for a spelling program late this year. I usually give them their "grade level" promotion around the same time the public school here ends to keep on track with Church things, scouting things, etc.
  4. We need a serious step back (whether this is the right choice or not is unknown). She isn't taking much away from it and is struggling with narration. I am happy to reapproach SOTW with her when she is ready as I love it and it's disheartening to feel like we are losing so much in doing it too early. I am not confident in handing just living books, I need some kind of formal curriculum to follow along with at a minimum - whether it's a workbook...or a teacher guide... or unit study outline...etc. When I'm confident in what living books I make available when - that's when life and school flows much better here. I am going to order one of the student workbooks and see if it would work as a "basic geography" curriculum for us using plenty of living books --- and the workbook more as a review/guide/activity book. Both of my kids like worksheets that supplement what we are covering. I'm open to anything that would be a good step down for her history/social studies wise and is structured (even if just for my benefit). I just don't know where to look and need it to stay simple for her reading level. She WANTS to do history/social studies and as long as she wants to - I want to do it with her. She's young, I don't care if she leaves the lesson to go play (happens a lot in SOTW) but I need something available for when she wants to sit down with me... Hmmmm.
  5. Thanks! ..Could it be paired with a big lot of living books on continents/maps/oceans/etc to make it less dry do you think?
  6. I saw this and was considering it for DD next year. We are doing SOTW Vol. 1 this year and though she enjoys it, we are going to wait a couple years and restart SOTW independently with her so she can get more out of it. Anybody use this? Like? Dislike? How long of a program will this be for her with 2 lessons a week?
  7. I'm trying to move my DS8 into mostly independent work as of this coming fall. It's not a big issue it would be easy for him to read SOTW Vol. 2 by himself and he'd DEVOUR it and comprehend it well. Same with science - an Apologia text with a journal would be perfect and I can order an experiment supply kit for whatever text I choose. Copywork is from the bible. His assigned reading would be the same structure. Only his math may need a little guidance here and there. I am considering adding some formalized spelling... but I need to find an independent program for that (NOT a whole language arts/grammar/etc curriculum though). I had been planning on reading SOTW Vol. 2 aloud to DD next fall. I was also considering waiting on SOTW with her for a couple years as she isn't taking as much away from it as he is (we are reading Vol. 1 with the activity guide... about 3/4 way through right now). If I make a change in her history, what would you suggest we go with? Something engaging is a must at her age. I love SOTW and so do they, I just feel like she might need a year or two to really be able to feast on it. Ideas? I am not a curriculum junkie so I need some help. She is a bible-nut, loves anything home ec, she is reading step readers... and likely has another year before moving into chapter books, so it has to be something I teach/read. I don't want a whole package - we love our math, reading/phonics, bible and science curriculum as is. ANY ideas are helpful.
  8. Mom was up late, overslept. Wednesdays are our light day though... DS needs to do his reading (he'll do this in the car on the way to girl scouts), his math, copywork, and he has some science work to do with me (we'll do that during girl scouts). DD worked ahead in math so she has a phonics lesson today and copywork. We have girl scouts at 2 and then go to my parents afterward until Awana Club and my bible study group. Really though, I'm cold and tired and just want to go back and snuggle under 10 blankets in my bed. One of those days.
  9. Got all school work done today. Didn't get as far in science text as I wanted but no big deal, we did plenty. I'm calling around looking for sewer line insurance for the new home we purchased. So far I've come up empty...but my agent is searching like mad for a specialty policy for us to consider adding, thankfully. I am making good progress on my sewing/storage room today (remember, our house is FULL of totes and boxes right now). I need to sew the kids' new uniforms for scouts I've got incentive to work on it. DS has cub scouts tonight. DH is going to go pick up a big bookcase on craigslist for me (let's pray it fits in the van).... for $35 it's a steal and we are tired of walking around stacks of books...we need more shelving.
  10. School is done, DS8 decided to cut his hair (it was down past his chin and he wanted a buzz cut) so I did that and now need another shower as I am SO ITCHY... I got a handful of boxes unpacked and started organizing books, I really need to have DH build me a bigger/taller bookcase. I'm working on taxes now. Oh, joy.
  11. Good morning! Today we have the usual. Reading/phonics, copywork, bible and history are done, still have math today. My non school goals are to get some work done on tax prep done today and get 3 more boxes unpacked and organize some of the books. I am also needing to organize a local curriculum trunk sale, so I need to call around this week to find a church in our area that is fine with me hosting it in their parking lot :)
  12. We hit all our goals this week, DS has some independent science work due Monday. I made 5 dozen cookies for the cub scouts brunch tomorrow, tried out a new salad dressing (DH and I eat vegan so my salad dressings are a big deal LOL). I also managed to pick up supplies at Lowes to put up a giant whiteboard in our new homeschool area (yippee!!!). I think I may spend the evening organizing the moving boxes downstairs - I really need to get them worked through so I can get an overflow pantry set up down there. Saturday: noon-? Cub Scout brunch at our den leader's home to talk about advancement 4-6:30 Girl scout "cookie kickoff" 6:30-10 Going to hockey game with girl scout troop as a family Sunday: morning - try out a new church... since moving I have not found one I like... I'm starting to think I may have to look outside of my Baptist comfort zone :( afternoon - depending on whether my parents may be driving up to the new house to visit us and check out the new home... yay!
  13. DH understands what the kids are doing in their classes, but we don't analyze grade level much. Our DS is very "nerdy" and a few years ago when I withdrew him from public education he was bored, in trouble, dreaded school, couldn't make friends and was very bullied. We recently had a big move (bought a home!) and we transferred DS into a local cub scout group. His old den I ran and was just him and another boy. DH took DS to the first meeting and after the kids were asleep he looked at me with awe and shock - is DS really that far ahead of the other kids his age? He seemed at least 1-2 grade levels ahead in everything and totally was the best example of social skills in the group...not to mention was amazing at making friends with all the other kids. At this moment, I didn't say a word but let myself bask in hard earned glory for a moment. Then I smiled and told him that our DD was a grade or two ahead of herself as well if we are talking local public school grade level. Yes, I know DS and DD did the work and deserve the glory. But shush, I'm basking...
  14. I am :) I keep spinning around in circles regarding our science choices. History, Math, Reading, Bible are figured out. Copywork and science... still flip flopping. Today's schedule: Math - 2 lessons for DD (she's flying through) and 1 for DS Copywork - Genesis 2:7 for DS (we are moving away from Pentime toward Bible copywork per his request) R&S Printing for DD Reading - DD is reading me a leveled reader, DS is reading Cricket in Times Square Science - DS starts his BYL Shark Unit Study today, DD is reviewing her pre-winter break lesson in astronomy to make sure we recall everything. Bible - Luke 12:57-59 and devotional DS has cub scouts this evening. Me - pick up bread, flour and salt at the grocery store... plan dinner... unpack 2 boxes (remember, we just moved into the new house!)..
  15. We closed the house!!!! We also bought a new gas dryer (we had electric) and spent the day painting. Another day or two of painting still left at least. We have the moving truck (a massive 26 foot tank) and are moving most of everything tomorrow!
  16. Well, the house is 90% packed and we close on Wednesday... I wake up and can't find my coffee mug I left out. an hour later I find it....in the dishwasher...clean. Proof I can't function without coffee. It's blizzarding here. We were suppose to do a final walkthrough on the home but are thinking about postponing to tomorrow due to the weather. The kids' rooms are down to just mattresses and a suitcase apiece. Today I'm attacking packing our bedroom, the family personal computer/printer/etc.....AFTER my coffee.
  17. Closing on our new home on Wednesday!! Today: -take down and pack Christmas decor ....DONE! -pack Kids clothes and a suitcase for each ....DONE! -Deep clean and pack our bedroom... NEXT. With a couple breaks worked in so far to get in on the Bath and Body Works Annual Sale (10 yummy soaps for $25 shipped, I'm happy!) and a new laptop from Best Buy for me...
  18. My husband brought his traditions: Stockings, Santa Claus, sweets, Christmas tree, lights, wrapped presents underneath I brought mine: Wreath on the door, nativity set, bible readings, special church service And every year we do potluck dinners with family. I love the potluck because we're vegan and everyone else in our family are big on consuming animal products...so potluck means I can eat something ;) Edit: we are in Iowa, both in our early 30s.
  19. Merry Christmas to you all as well! I got to sleep at 1am, kids woke me up at 4am, ready to pray and open presents. New Years Resolution? Teach them to turn on the coffee pot. Ha!
  20. Well, toys are getting packed. If you want to see children revolt apparently all you have to do is pack their toys over winter break when they can't last outside for more than a half hour due to cold temps and cause lots of anxiety due to moving. Mom fail. I'm on schedule though. There's that!
  21. OhElizabeth - About a year ago we discussed moving full time into RVing, it would be so fun!
  22. Excessive lack of focus and careless mistakes is a common theme among 1st and 3rd graders. Regardless of the holidays. Regardless of public school vs. homeschool. The first year homeschooling two last year I took the schedule and I shredded it a month in. We just worked at getting X done a day and took frequent breaks. You have to accept that if they don't get X done that day, it's OK. Having a hard day? Have an ice cream sundae decorating afternoon. 1st and 3rd are indefinitely young. Ours are that age this year - daily we get done: 30 min History (twice a week, rotated with science) 10 minute copywork 30 minute math 20-30 minute reading 30-45 minute science (twice a week, rotated with history) 20 minutes of bible a day or so They aren't doing formal writing curriculum and spelling doesn't start until they are 9 years old. This means we do 2 1/2 hours of school work a day. And it sometimes it takes all morning to get their attention for even that long ;)
  23. Thank you! Prayers are very very appreciated! Moving is stressful but we're all excited - we are excited to be done renting, excited to paint, I'm excited to have a sewing room vs. a corner in the basement and SUPER excited that DH will have a 5 minute drive to work versus an hour as he does now. The kids and I are looking forward to seeing 10 more hours of him a week!! I need to work through our 2nd semester too. We have some new things that need to be scheduled... DS is starting Apologia Zoology 2 (which I need to get ordered). I'm working on some study guides for some living books that DS is reading 2nd semester is my "free" time. Whatever "free" time is. Ha ;)
  24. I'm packing this week. I want the house 90% packed up by the 23rd as we close on our home Dec. 30th and move Dec. 31st (which means I have Dec 26-30 to finish it up including Christmas decor). The kids are bored - toys are getting packed, its fairly cold outside and they have no gymnastics, bible club or scouting events till January. Oh well, I left them a pile of books and a couple tablets - they will survive.
  25. DS8: Singapore Math 3 - continuing in 3B Pentime 3 - continuing SOTW Vol. 1 - continuing, should be done by end of Feb though Reading - living books continued.... will be reading second semester: -The Cricket in Times Square -Everything on a Waffle -The Whipping Boy -The Hundred Dresses -Farmer Boy Apologia Zoology 2 - adding IEW Ancient History - will revisit in late Spring DD5: Continuing beginning early reader books aloud to mastery (finished Bob books and many many scholastic phonic readers) Apologia Astronomy - continuing Singapore Math 1 - continuing onto 1B SOTW Vol. 1 - continuing, should be done by end of Feb though Adding Pentime 1 book 2 in late Spring --may revisit teaching a child to read lessons as we get to more complicated reading rules if needed When we finish up SOTW 1 we will be doing some state studies and presidental studies the kids want to do until the end of the year. We will start SOTW 2 next fall.
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