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  1. My kiddos snub most casseroles and apparently that includes lasagne...though they love spaghetti, which makes no sense to me!
  2. DS is home from private preschool today to help me organize the classroom (we start homeschooling full time in a little over a month). He is definitely doing school though - he's pretending to be the teacher to his younger sister. If it makes your DS feel better, we'll be doing school all summer long when most children aren't :D
  3. We approach grammar, writing and language through choosing 1 workbook and using it as a model to teach from. Example - we are using Spectrum writing 1 for our writing and penmanship practice right now and do 1-2 pages a day with a lesson before or after in regards to the specific worksheet.
  4. We are transitioning to full time homeschooling at the beginning of the summer. For most of DS's subjects I have been able to find curriculums that really fit his learning style and interests. However, I'm stumped in regard to History. We plan on starting with basic geography and mapping skills, but I would like to start a history curriculum at least halfway through the year. Any suggestions? World v. US v. State history?
  5. My 3yo is going to be starting preschool with us and we've been working on her section of the classroom. I teach preschool in a Montessori style and this year is going to be about bringing out her academic learning side through activities she enjoys and simply following her lead as she learns through play. Next year we will focus on preK work that we havent mastered yet, but I have no solid concrete goals for her this year - I'm just letting her lead. Likely, she'll achieve (through again, we don't really have goals persay) letter and number recognition as well as improved fine motor skills (writing/drawing). We may incorporate calendar/weather throughout the year if she seems interested. If not, we can next year. When I let the kids lead they usually jump over K materials entirely in a summer and end up being a year or half year ahead.
  6. Whatcha makin? Here's our next few days worth of dinners: -Black Bean Chili -Fried Rice -Homemade buttermilk pancakes and scrambled eggs (Bacon for hubby too) -Homemade pizza -Spaghetti -Quesadillas and Spanish Rice
  7. I am about 1.5 loads behind. Our dryer is acting up so it's taking longer to dry a load of laundry. If yesterday it wasn't snowing I would just hang them outside!
  8. I've made my lists and am slowly ordering things as they become available used. I won't buy new curriculum till mid-summer if I can't find his curriculum used. So far I've got his geography materials, RS4K prelevel biology materials (watching for prelevel 1 chem as well right now), his language/writing... watching for R&S Math 1 used and I will decide on his reading/phonics/spelling curriculum when we get closer to the school year since we are going to be doing a lot of phonics materials over the summer - and I am not positive what level I'll be ordering. I have been buying DD some preK materials as I'm working on re-doing the small classroom I have to have a better lay out for preK materials along wtith DS 1st grade materials.
  9. we found success w/dougal dixons prehistoric series as texts.
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