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    Need student materials (mostly cards) and teacher manual. Message me what you have and price. Media mail shipping is fine. Thank you!


  2. I respectfully disagree with this point. I feel the fascination comes from the fact that the Ancients mythology is so similar, not different, to the stories found in the Bible. Our children correlate the ancient mythology to the bible stories in regard to overall character and message perfectly.

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    Shipping not included. First Language Lessons FLL Level 3 Student Workbook, Unused. $12ppd Pathway Reader 6th Grade "Step By Step", Used condition $5ppd Rod & Staff English 2 Student Text (used condition) $11ppd Rod & Staff English 3 Student Text (used condition) and Test Booklet (unused condition) $12ppd Rod & Staff English 5 Student Text (used condition) $10ppd IEW Ancient History Based Writing Lessons (older version, has both student/teacher book in one) $10 (unused) IEW Medieval History Based Writing Lessons (older version, has both student/teacher book in one) $10 (unused) Singapore 3A/3B HIGs Home Instructor Guides (gently used condition) $15 both (US editions)



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    Shipping not included. IEW Ancient History Based Writing Lessons Student Book (unused) $15 Abeka Read & Think Skill Sheets Gr. 3 (Skill sheets 1-7 removed, 8-30 are present. Excellent condition, no interior markings. We moved up a reading level mid-year.) $4 2nd Grade Math workbooks (Price is for the set of both workbooks. 2 great supplemental workbooks - this is not a math curriculum by themselves. Included an example page from each book. We used them to copy for extra practice as needed. Shipping not included.) $5 both Daily Calendar & Weather Journal (Double sided, binded with laminated cover. Approximately 100-125 daily reports inside. Printed in D'nealian manuscript font. We used these for both children in preschool and kindergarten to teach weather concepts, months, days of the week and more.) $15 Horizons Science K-1 Student Textbook (Wonderful secular Kindergarten or First grade science textbook. Easy language for child to understand and easy layout/household experiments for parents to follow. We really loved this but our youngest finished it last year as it offered a great base of general science concepts and language. I included interior shots of some of the chapters - this book is all we needed for a school year long secular kinder science curriculum.) $5 Great Expectations Literature Study Guide (Includes: About the Author section, Character and Chapter Summaries, Historical Background information, Themes, Reading Strategies, Literature Skill Lessons with Discussion Questions, Portfolio/Assessment Opportunities) $3 The Ten Commandments and Beatitudes Book: A Coloring Book for Children (This is an older publication. 1989, pages show yellowing but perfect condition. Excellent for making copies. Each commandment is explained and offers a coloring page for the child.) $3


  5. Love the honesty! We had a late start today. No school planned for tomorrow, we have a field trip to the local Creamery. Still feeling guilt that we aren't doing formal grammar this year... and have no plans to do it for the next couple years. Going to start IEW on Monday to ease my guilt, mostly because I want DS to do some guided writing before I let him loose so he has some bearings. House needs a new air conditioner and it's been noticable the last couple days. We need to wait till Spring to purchase a new one if possible so we can complete finishing the bas
  6. Stepping in, I'd love to join the weekly accountability thread. I love reading all your goals and watching you meet them! This week has been to get our normal studies done, start a new read aloud and need to decide when DS should start his IEW writing curriculum. Adding in a couple videos this week.
  7. My kids would be enrolled in a school (private or public) but neither can keep bullying under control in our area and having my children beaten to an emotional and physical mound due to the inability of parents, teachers and administrations to do their human duty is not something I will allow my children to be riddled with again.
  8. I started on the nieces and nephews.. I have a few stocking stuffers stowed away too. We have Santa here for another year or two at least and each of kids get to ask him for one thing. DD said a full drum set and DS is leaning toward a Playmobil castle. We gift them each a book, an outfit too. We have a lot of fall birthdays so I have been trying to do that as well - 3 nieces (they each get an outfit or book) and my DS all have birthdays before Christmas and we will be buying a house by the end of the year.... so yeah.
  9. I just don't see the point of DS on his R&S English book. I feel like he does learn the lessons, but he is 7. He loves to read. I'm tempted to toss the English book out the window for a few years. Tell me your success stories if you did little to no formal grammar instruction in elementary years... please!!!
  10. I never require independent reading, they have assigned readings. Their assigned readings become silent when they are able to read, retain, narrate and understand the text maturity wise. Usually at 4th grade reading level I start assigning silent readings for school. They are reading on their own silently long before this point - but I don't require it.
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