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  1. I've busily been reading old threads discussion about leaving kids alone at home in relation to ages (and state laws). One topic I didn't see covered, which I am hoping for some discussion, related to siblings. Our son, almost 9 is very responsible and very mature. I have no issue leaving him home alone for up to a couple hours and being assured he will follow rules and that he knows all safety needs, etc. When I reflect on why he has these abilities, I see a history when he was 6 and 7 of failing and trying again - opening a door for a stranger (FedEx man who had a birthday scooter for hi
  2. I need a list today. Clean microwave Clean stovetop Dishes Wash laundry Wash laundry Dry laundry Dry laundry Fold laundry with DD Fold laundry with DD Fold laundry with DD Fold laundry with DD Prehistory school lesson Menu plan this coming week Make coffee Make more coffee Sweep Take out trash Take out recycle Water garden Refill mulch bucket for kitchen compost Clean shower curtain liner (sulfur water = stained curtain) Clean bathroom: toliet, floor, tub Put bible index tabs in bibles Thaw meat for dinner Make a batch of homemade bread Make chocolate cookies wi
  3. Harvesting!! 46 Copra onions curing, 3 left in the ground 21 carrots harvested, 30 left in the ground 2 gallons snap peas harvested 4 kohlrabi harvested What took a major hit because of our heat wave: Cucumbers - managed to get 2 large, 2 small Zucchini - managed 2 large ones Summer Squash - managed 2 large, 2 small And what didn't make it... 2 eggplants Acorn/winter squash Still in the ground doing great: 2 eggplants Tomatoes - turning color - last count was over 25 from 6 plants! 90% cleaned up from the boys taking down the pine tree and trimming the maples (Oh
  4. We are Iowa IPI so we have no requirements. If we were Iowa PI we have a 148 day requirement. Here's our schedule: August 8th - (first day of regular studies) 18 days September (one day off for dentist appts, one day for labor day) 20 days October (untraditional day on Halloween) 20 days November (one day off for birthday, veterans day doing community service, all Thanksgiving week off) 15 days December - OFF January (resume on the 2nd) 22 days February (nontraditional day on Valentines day with local homeschoolers) 19 days March - 22 days April - 20 days if needed (This is
  5. They are compliant children and I don't think they would have any issues following directions (they are very well behaved in teacher-student settings in a coop as well as their local Awana and sunday school classes. She is in touch with the private school - I'll mention to talk to them about what curriculum they use. That's a wonderful idea (it is a Christian school) to pass on! I know she's worried about the 6 year old and writing. The child is reading and finishing up 1st grade math now but she said she may use pentime or something because the 6 year old dislikes writing and thou
  6. My sister has kiddos the same age as mine, 8 and 6. She's planning on enrolling them in a local private school NEXT fall (2017-2018). They'd be entering 2nd and 4th grade. I've worked with her kiddos and material wise they will be solid assuming this year goes in kind to the past years. If anything, they will be ahead in some subjects. However, she brought up an interesting point - how does she prepare her children for the more structured environment? They have a more relaxed approach. She asked if she should switch them something like CLE this coming year to get them used to the writing w
  7. Just got a phone call from the rescue's behavioralist. She said we were right to bring him back and was going to watch for a better match for our family. Here's to hoping.
  8. Yay for the adding of river soil helping! The boys trimmed my trees and fell a pine tree. In one of these pictures you can see the pine laying on the ground... I'm moving the beds back there as I harvest them Hooray!!! (Also, we have lots of wood chips and are still chipping. Great compost adder I hope!) https://www.dropbox.com/sc/uwg6mjbg713yfnl/AAA1xN6xrwGNxIcJIM3YIUaDa
  9. Oh, I know in my head we didn't fail. But my heart is heavy. I sincerely thank you guys for being here to reaffirm what we felt though, it really helped. The kids adored him too and are bummed. They still want a dog though, so I see that a positive that they were able to see this dog's issues and not indicative as all dog's behaviors.... if that makes sense.
  10. Thank you all. I got ahold of the Sheriff's office who told me about a backdoor area they take pets they pick up with Animal Control at this rescue center. We took the dog there, surrendered him and after seeing my 6 year old's bite mark and bruises, we received a very heartfelt apology from the rescue center regarding their oversight on the screening for risk with kids. I feel like a dog owner failure. We have waited 6 years until we could buy a home to adopt a pet. We flunked.
  11. I guess I could call the city. They would send animal control. But that seems like overkill, he's not vicious.... just seems threatened and is aggressive toward kids.
  12. Yes, they turned me away with a card stating all people who could assist were busy until 4-5pm. I asked if I could make an appointment for 4-5pm and they said they couldn't do that, didn't have the behaviorist's schedules and could not guarantee if I showed up they would be there. I can't even get anyone to answer/return my call about returning him to the shelter. My father suggested trying to rehome him into a home without kids, but I see that as a major liability - DS has been bitten while selling door to door cub scout items when an owner couldn't keep the dog inside.
  13. A rescue center. Being turned away this morning from the rescue with the dog in hand asking for assistance... we discussed putting him down.
  14. I want to talk about safety. We adopted a dog 3 weeks ago. An older beagle, our only family pet. We completely grasp the trauma this dog has been through in placement in a shelter and then in our new home. That being said, we are now believing the children in the previous house mistreated him. He has bitten my husband, drawing blood. He has bitten our six year old (no blood but bruising up her arm) and this morning he growled and then lunged to attack (I managed to grab the collar to stop him) our eight year old. The bite to my husband could have been a miscommunication/learning who th
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