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  1. I've busily been reading old threads discussion about leaving kids alone at home in relation to ages (and state laws). One topic I didn't see covered, which I am hoping for some discussion, related to siblings. Our son, almost 9 is very responsible and very mature. I have no issue leaving him home alone for up to a couple hours and being assured he will follow rules and that he knows all safety needs, etc. When I reflect on why he has these abilities, I see a history when he was 6 and 7 of failing and trying again - opening a door for a stranger (FedEx man who had a birthday scooter for him), not coming home from a friend's house by a certain time, not looking when crossing the street and re-discussing it repeatedly or leaving a friends house to go... to the park, for example, without communicating with us. I let him grow by letting him fail. I haven't done the same with our younger child and she doesn't show the growth our older child does. I want to give her that freedom to fail to grow and feel it is worth the risk. My only big concern is my older child will parent her and restrict her to the point of causing her to make poor choices to get away from him or rebel against his oversight - which I would probably honestly do if I had an older sibling as well. As a result of homeschooling, simply growing together....she sees herself as his peer, not a younger child that he should watch over. Does anyone have any ideas on how to give her this growth without worry of sibling problems from the older child parenting the younger one? It's a struggle for us as we have taught our son to watch out for his younger sister (2 years younger). Our goal is to give them the ability to stay at home, together, alone (with our neighborhood of adopted grandparents all within a house away) for maybe an hour, hour and a half to foster independence and growth. Not looking for discussion on whether it is acceptable at X age to leave kids, etc. The other threads had plenty of that. I am searching for a good discussion on how to manage sibling relationships in regard to staying at home alone. Thank you!!

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    Need student materials (mostly cards) and teacher manual. Message me what you have and price. Media mail shipping is fine. Thank you!


  3. We're pretty set for summer here..... We are done May 13th (or sooner) but won't start up anything until May 23rd after we return from a family vacation. They will have 1 Academic Day a week: -AAS Lesson -BYL Prehistory Lesson -Math Lesson + Fact Mastery through Timed Tests and Fun Apps (I've got one working on addition/subtraction facts and the other on multiplication/division facts) DS8 has a week of overnight bible camp, a 2 day overnight scouting trip and is thinking of joining the local swim team (4x a week practices) DD6 has an overnight bible camp, a few day camps for girl scouts We have homeschool group on Wednesdays which we will get back into over the summer And I'll be taking 4 college classes online (8 more total to go for my Bachelors!) and spending time at the lake fishing with my parents as well as spending time at the in ground swimming pool at my in laws.
  4. I respectfully disagree with this point. I feel the fascination comes from the fact that the Ancients mythology is so similar, not different, to the stories found in the Bible. Our children correlate the ancient mythology to the bible stories in regard to overall character and message perfectly.
  5. January-May -Finish up Singapore 3B, move into 4A -Queen's Language Lessons for Elementary Vol. 1 -BYL Prehistory Unit -Finish up SOTW, start a 2 month continent/ocean study to reinforce what we know (and to assist DD5) -BYL Reader list Gr. 3 -Cub Scouts, Homeschool Choir, Awana Bible Club June-August -Singapore 4A (1 lessons per week) -Timed Tests/Fun Apps to work on multiplication fact mastery -AAS 1 and AAS 2 -BYL Prehistory -Structured summer reading -Cub Scout Camps, Weeklong overnight Bible Camp August-December -Singapore 4B -Queen's Language Lessons for Elementary Vol. 1 -AAS 3 -McHenry's The Brain?? -SOTW 2 -Literature List -Co-op classes: Art and Science -Cub Scouts, Homeschool Choir, Bible Club We are doing BYL Gr. 2 in fall - DS has some independent work and supplemental work.

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    Shipping not included. First Language Lessons FLL Level 3 Student Workbook, Unused. $12ppd Pathway Reader 6th Grade "Step By Step", Used condition $5ppd Rod & Staff English 2 Student Text (used condition) $11ppd Rod & Staff English 3 Student Text (used condition) and Test Booklet (unused condition) $12ppd Rod & Staff English 5 Student Text (used condition) $10ppd IEW Ancient History Based Writing Lessons (older version, has both student/teacher book in one) $10 (unused) IEW Medieval History Based Writing Lessons (older version, has both student/teacher book in one) $10 (unused) Singapore 3A/3B HIGs Home Instructor Guides (gently used condition) $15 both (US editions)



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    Shipping not included. IEW Ancient History Based Writing Lessons Student Book (unused) $15 Abeka Read & Think Skill Sheets Gr. 3 (Skill sheets 1-7 removed, 8-30 are present. Excellent condition, no interior markings. We moved up a reading level mid-year.) $4 2nd Grade Math workbooks (Price is for the set of both workbooks. 2 great supplemental workbooks - this is not a math curriculum by themselves. Included an example page from each book. We used them to copy for extra practice as needed. Shipping not included.) $5 both Daily Calendar & Weather Journal (Double sided, binded with laminated cover. Approximately 100-125 daily reports inside. Printed in D'nealian manuscript font. We used these for both children in preschool and kindergarten to teach weather concepts, months, days of the week and more.) $15 Horizons Science K-1 Student Textbook (Wonderful secular Kindergarten or First grade science textbook. Easy language for child to understand and easy layout/household experiments for parents to follow. We really loved this but our youngest finished it last year as it offered a great base of general science concepts and language. I included interior shots of some of the chapters - this book is all we needed for a school year long secular kinder science curriculum.) $5 Great Expectations Literature Study Guide (Includes: About the Author section, Character and Chapter Summaries, Historical Background information, Themes, Reading Strategies, Literature Skill Lessons with Discussion Questions, Portfolio/Assessment Opportunities) $3 The Ten Commandments and Beatitudes Book: A Coloring Book for Children (This is an older publication. 1989, pages show yellowing but perfect condition. Excellent for making copies. Each commandment is explained and offers a coloring page for the child.) $3


  8. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep too. Playdate is scheduled for 2pm at the park but its pouring outside so we'll see. VBS is this week (Sun-Tues as the kids are going on a vacation with their grandparents). I am scrapping some of my plans for fall with DD and making some little changes. Oh, fun.
  9. We'll see on the backpacking... we usually go 4 days/3 nights with our hammocks as our anniversary trip. We're all packed to leave but I don't know if we'll go more than a night if the heat and humidity stays as it is now (and the weather channel says it will). I also picked up BBQ pork sandwich stuff and beef stew stuff in case we just nix the trip completely and veg at home.
  10. Yay for week16 on planning! I have almost all the subjects planned then I go back after I have a plan and make sure all my little plans work with each other. If I try to plan week by week I give myself a headache, it has to be done subject by subject here. I went to the grocery store this morning. However, I didn't make a list like I was suppose to so dinner for the next couple nights isn't going to be exciting: Tonight: Tacos Tomorrow: Birthday party @ friends, just need to make a side Sunday: Spaghetti Monday: Grilling out some meat and making tater tots. I outdid myself, I know. The kids leave for week vacation with grandparents this coming week and we're going backpacking if we can survive the humidity for 3 days.... so I don't want to overload the fridge and have it all go bad without the ravenous children here.
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