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  1. True- I am not concerned about meeting his academic needs, I've got that covered... my decision is definitely socially motivated. 4-5 kids he knows will be doing CC next year. At co-op he will have one friend and several older boys who he used to play touch football with, however, lately he refuses to play with them because he feels the dynamics have changed. I don't expect new kids to join in his classes because with COVID and the uncertainty of the times the board is trying to keep the classes small. If he winds up doing CC I think his co-op friend will join him in Challenge.
  2. oh boy- we were going along just fine. Really... We left CC after last year. We're so much happier this year- but lonelier. I'm now seeking advice and tips for making the decision whether or not so send my son (7th) to CC Challenge A.😬 At the beginning of the year it would have been a definite no, but now his sister is going to high school next year and will be gone all day every day and they are BFFs. Most of his homeschool friends are doing Challenge next year and the tutor is a good friend of mine, this group also gathers for "study hall" on Fridays where they do work together and help each other. Our other option: He is signed up next year for an online history class (schole academy) and Mr. D math (with the actual Mr. D! yay!🙂 ) We also have a co-op where he would take science, literature/writing, art, and possibly Latin (all classes we are interested in) but he is struggling so so much with feeling like he has a place that he "belongs". He would have a good friend at co-op who is not doing challenge and other kids there that he is friendly with so it's not a terrible option and I love the teachers. We live in an area where there are not many homeschoolers so other options are very limited. I tend toward Charlotte Mason/Classical homeschooling. So my question is: Do we sign up for Challenge even though I don't agree with some of their business practices, the pace that they run through information, and knowing that I will have to tweak and supplement just so that he can have the seminar day and a Friday study hall day with his friends? or Do we stick with our original plan and hope that being at co-op all day quenches his need for peer interaction? (He's only there for one class this year) Is there some sort of form I can fill out that helps moms make homeschooling decisions???🤣 PS- He says he doesn't know what he wants to do- I can't leave it up to him.
  3. Lori- Love love love this idea! Thank you. And thanks a million for the encouragement. You know how it is- when we get stuck in out own heads? This helps so much. ❤️
  4. Hello- Hoping to get some thoughts. I have an 8th grader (and 6th grader) and I was planning on doing Early Modern US/World history this year with them together (it's SCM). I like the program but am second guessing because my 8th grader MAY attend a classical high school next year. Their history sequence is 9th- Early Civilizations 10th-Early Church/Early Medieval 11th-Renaissance/Age of Discovery 12th-American/Industrial and Communist Revolutions. My concern with our current plan is her not having a chance to get past Emancipation before 12th grade, but...we're also not in a position to do a deep American History study this year. I've been thinking of dropping the American History and having her just read American Literature and some documents while focusing on World History through the present....or should I just stick with original plan and complete Early Modern US/World which ends at 1850. She has a heavy load of online/co-op classes this year and history is the one thing we are doing together so I was hoping to make it meaningful and enjoyable 🙂 TIA
  5. Hi. I know thus was posted a while ago. It popped up for me on a schole academy search. My daughter is currently in this class and we both have been very happy. Ms. White has been a great support and my dd likes her. First semester is a lot of review, but they also learn mla style which is useful. It has been so nice and helpful to have another set of eyes too. She does give feedback, but not so much as to be discouraging. We've had a great experience (and I've already signed her up for next year). HTH
  6. Can you share what you moved to for pre algebra? MM has worked, but this year more than once a week my dd has grown frustrated with presentation/wording of problems. I'm also seeing some gaps in her knowledge (most recently shapes lol). She is definitely ready for pre algebra but we need something new (and with online instruction live or recorded...to save our relationship) the plan has been to move into Foerster for algebra. I've looked at mr. D but am also thinking maybe a year of Saxon with Nicole the math lady to drill the basics? She is a very logical and rigid thinker when it comes to math. She much much prefers writing and reading😊
  7. Hello, I am looking for a pre algebra program for next year that offers online instruction. We're open to different styles (live, recorded, adaptive, etc.). My head is spinning with so many options though, so I was hoping that someone who has been down this path may be able to help?. My girl is doing Math Mammoth 6 this year (have used MM since 3rd). All testing (standardized/IQ) tests point to math being a strength of hers-and using MM I've never really seen her struggle, the only time she misses a problem is a calculating error/not paying attention. Basically it looks like she has a gift for math but she hates it and complains that it is "boring". Any thoughts? I guess that she needs something that will challenge her and not move too slowly, but allow her to slow down when she reaches a topic that doesn't come easily. We did do a little beast academy in 3rd grade and she seemed to have fun with it. I know math can't always be "fun" but I hate to hold her back if there is a way to get her to love it.
  8. Yes, this is true for Foundations. Once your student moves into Essentials (4th grade) your curriculum for writing and grammar comes from CC and then when your student reaches Challenge level (usually 7th grade-but I have my 12 year old 6th grader in it), CC dictates the entire curriculum. Older levels have some freedom to opt out of a strand or two- but not Challenge A or B students. HTH
  9. LOL! Yes, you are correct-they are quite different from each other. Thank you for asking, I will try to clarify a bit. My goal for my 7th grader is simply to see her continue to grow. I'd like her circle to expand as she builds on old knowledge and acquires new knowledge. She loves to read and learn new things. I just want her to enjoy herself on her journey and to continue asking questions and seeking answers. I do like a preplanned schedule (eg. "read pages x-xx) otherwise I forget things I also like questions relating to readings- not necessarily as a word for word question/answer session, but they get me on the right track, sort of like a guided narration I like memoria press because it seems thorough, I like the classical studies it offers, and... if I'm being completely honest I like the price for the full grade curriculum (I'd sell what we won't use) I like Sonlight because it has bible study included, and uses a lot of literature and includes read alouds which is my kids favorite time of the day. We have also used it in the past so it is familiar I like Oak Meadow because it seems simple-sort of one stop shopping and not a lot of switching from book to book for each subject. The Science looks like it would be fun and I like the literature selections I like that Simply Charlotte Mason includes morning time. My kids LOVE morning time. I don't often get to all I would like to do with them (Poetry/picture study/nature study...the charlotte mason stuff) and I feel like the schedule will help- but I am not sure that is enough academically and feel like I would have to supplement? I may be wrong though? I am also totally open to other suggestions as well
  10. Hello, My daughter is using Classical Conversations Challenge A this year as a 6th grader. I don't think we will continue. I also know myself as a homeschool mom and we need the boxes to check- at least as a starting point (we do venture off when needed) With that being said, I am curious about opinions on the following... We already use Writing and Rhetoric and we LOVE it so we will continue next year I am thinking AOPS for Pre Algebra-she dislikes math (although she is good at it) because she can't be "creative" and I think this may be a good approach for her We will do CAP Latin too (Latin alive I think?) For the remainder I am torn between Sonlight History of Science Core J Memoria Press 7th Grade (subbing CAP products for writing and Latin) Oak Meadow (no Bible study so I would have to find one) Simply Charlotte Mason Thanks 🙂
  11. hmmm, Thanks Wendyroo. I think exactly what you are describing that you do is what is making it so difficult for me (the planning). I did buy the lesson plans through homeschool planet, but I am using the "free" version which is PITB to use and sometimes doesn't like to the videos that I need. So I am ignoring them for the time being and just doing about 2 pages a day, unless they begin to run long. I feel though that the kids don't take math seriously though, like it's an afterthought and not real "math" the way we are using it. I do sit with each of them and look over the assignment (pages), make sure they understand the problems and review/do a problem if they need help. I have some pressing personal and family issues currently that leave me with about 10 seconds of free time except for friday nights when I need some down time and to not be planning. Gee, I sound so whiny as I type this! :huh: I guess I am just wishing I could begin the week knowing that we are going to work on lessons 4-8 and not pages (which don't always get done). Thank you so much for your support and willingness to help brainstorm a solution. I'm going to give it another week and hope that other non-homeschooling things slow down and let us focus.
  12. Without all of the boring details of our past 3 years homeschooling, I am realizing that in order to save my sanity and to keep doing this homeschooling thing "I" need a math for the kids with daily lessons like Saxon or CLE. Kids (5th and 3rd) are currently in Math Mammoth, they like it, I wouldn't say they are "advanced" math students but math comes easy to them both. We do CC so there's Saxon or CLE, or something else? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
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