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  1. I'm exhausted. We managed to get reading, language and math done today. History was on the schedule but we spend 4-5 hours outside instead. I can call that nature study/science, right? ;) The house we bought has 2-3 years of leaves (and the compost they were creating) all over the yard and throughout the remenants of what at one time was a beautiful rose garden. I got maybe 1/3 of it cleaned up and bagged into bags. I'm not a landscaper. I love gardening. Entirely different. I'm exhausted. Tuesday: -School: Math, reading, language arts/copywork, history, science -Cub Scouts -Mom haircut Wednesday: -School: Math, reading, language arts/copywork -Girl Scouts -Awana Bible Club Thursday (DH off, no school) -Bowling with homeschool group -Mom ultrasound and blood work -Finish up any work to prepare for contractor Friday (DH off, no school): -Insulation contractor here to do work 8AM -Visit Wildlife refuge with homeschool group, sack lunch Read aloud this week: The Jungle Books (hoping to get another 4-5 chapters read) Oh, and I ordered the beef of our curriculum for next year (BYL2). I think all I need to order (other than a couple books from the BYL booklist) is science for DD next year. I haven't figured out what direction she's going though. DS is doing McHenry units.
  2. Upcoming on our list (1st and 3rd grader): Five Little Peppers and How They Grew The Jungle Books (this is our current read aloud) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland The Wizard of Oz
  3. I'll look into ELTL samples tonight, thanks for the recommendation. I'm not a fan of Abeka readers and it looks like the LA is tied in heavily to their LA program? I've never even looked at BJU :/
  4. When we pulled DS out of 1st grade, I was reeling trying to grasp everything. So we basically wiped the board clean and started finding what material and method we liked for each subject and building up from there. Well, we have figured out Math, Science, History, Music... yippee! Now we need to figure out English/Language Arts. And DS is hitting 9 years in the fall so we are ready to add in spelling. We have been doing Queen's Language Lessons. Both kids like them. DS will start spelling next year. We were considering two options: Option A: Queen's Homeschool for Elementary (finish Vol 1, go to Vol 2) plus All About Spelling 1, 2, 3 Option B: CLE Language Arts (all inclusive spelling/language is the idea) - he places into Grade 4 LA on the Diagnotic Test. I was hoping for an opinion on which you would choose and why. He's been moving to complete independence on his work in the last couple months. IF you choose CLE, would you suggest moving DD from Queens to CLE as well? She's at a solid 1st grade level right now and places to the CLE Gr. 2.... but her reading level is not Gr. 2 so I would be dictating, does that seem ok? IF you choose Queens+AAS, would you supplement at all? It's VERY light language arts...am I missing anything big that should be supplemented with Queens LL?
  5. Today: Math - DONE LA/phonics - DONE Assigned Reading - DONE start new Read Aloud History map work from yesterdays lesson they are working on tomorrow's work as well so that normal housework : clean up family room, kitchen, sweep, dishes, shake the rugs -I also need to finish up finding what classes I am taking in the summer (i have 23 credits left to take for my bachelors, most are gen eds). -I need to reorganize DDs closet so we can close up the second attic access in there. -Spend 30 minutes unpacking basement (this is my daily goal its been going well in order to keep progress on unpacking) -change our linens -print DD some more number lines I do need to start working on our summer plans. We are completely done with regular school by May 13th...then we are taking a week vacation before we start summer school (math1/wk, assigned reading daily and 2-3 unit studies)...
  6. Fun thread! We're vegan and I can say that eating healthier makes us both last longer. which in our case means PETA wasn't blowing smoke.. Being vegan doesn't guarantee your latter comment. If a guy has a heavy fruit day vs. a heavy veggie day there really is a huge difference in taste.
  7. We're in a blizzard right now...but we're schooling especially since we are planning Wednesday and Friday off. DS8 has his math, reading and language done (by 10:30AM that's a new record for him). We have history to do and some science reading. DS5 is still asleep. She must be going through a growth spurt or something. I'll be working with her one on one throughout the day to get her school work done. We have two valentine's parties this week (Wednesday and Friday) with homeschool groups, weather allowing...We'll finish up valentine boxes today and I have to come up with some kind of easy to make treat or snack for each party. Monday: School Tuesday: School Cub Scouts Pick up Girl Scout cookies to deliver Watch and discuss NH primary results Wednesday: No School, discuss any more primary results Homeschool Valentine Party @ 10AM Girl Scouts @ 2:30PM Deliver Girl Scout Cookies Awana Club @ 6:30PM Mom Bible Study @ 7PM Thursday: School Homeschool Open Gym (possibly) 1PM Public Library Trip (need to make a list of books I need!) Friday: No School Homeschool Valentine Party @ 10AM in my hometown, about an hour away Visit with family in hometown Saturday: Me and DD: Girl Scout day - 10-11AM @ nursing home, lunch, then 1-3PM Sam's Club Cookie Booth DH & DS: Dissecting dogfish shark to conclude DS's BYL shark unit study, Go to Grandma's to make a cake for the cub scout cake sale Family night out: USHL Hockey game @ 7PM
  8. Queen's Language Lessons for the Very Young Finish up Singapore 2A, move into 2B Cooking Sewing (on machine) R&S Our Father's World Geography with lots of living books Frog & Toad books and other books from CM reading list Science-nature study just continuing from summer, science living books, a basic introduction to geology: rocks and minerals (our elementary science is mostly interest led in terms of subject)
  9. We liked this response. And we shared our confusion and our progress in any faith. Our children were not only very receptive but had great input and enjoyed sharing how the rectified the different aspects. They made requests to have science taught from an evolutionary standpoint yet to continue their involvement in Bible Club/Church. We decided we are happy to honor this request - thank you ladies (all of you!) for giving us some encouragement and simple guidance. Too often we feel the weight of fear on our shoulders that we will make the wrong choice when we really need to embrace the simplicity of just talking to our kids. THANK YOU.
  10. Oh, and DH is fairly handy mechanically, he could do most of the work with an older RV depending on the accessibility. Some of the work with a school bus conversion as well. Probably 50-70% of work/labor he can do mechanically. I can gut and rebuild any of the options without any issues for little cost. I'm good with tools, designing, building, etc.
  11. We want to be able to travel for a week or two with the RV... longer trips - Iowa to Arizona or DC for example.
  12. We have two vehicles, a 1999 minivan (200k+ miles but still going) and a 2010 Kia Optima (heavy commuter vehicle before we moved so 110k+ miles, showing wear). We have about a year left paying on the Optima. We want to buy an RV. It's been a long term goal and one that was reinforced when we decided to homeschool. We are totally unsure of a few things: 1) We could sell one of the vehicles and get a truck and a pull behind camper? The minivan or car isn't capable of pulling anything, this would keep us at 2 working vehicles. 2) We could purchase a used school bus and slowly convert it to an RV over a few years. It would be a longer process and probably cost similar to buying a used RV but would give us more space. 3) We can buy an older motorhome. Both of us wonder about upkeep costs on the mechanical parts of an older motorhome. What would you do?
  13. I figured it may and I'm ready if it needs closed - but DH suggested I come here and ask you guys for some advice. Even if I get 3 pieces of advice before the thread caves, it may be worth it? :/ Just so stuck!
  14. I did not have faith growing up, though not due to lack of effort on my part. I am finding myself questioning faith and exploring Christianity (bible groups, church, personal devotionals). I don't know what I believe and that creates a problem. I don't know what to teach in terms of faith. I am not confident in my explorations so far to state that I believe in any form of God. And that's ok - I have plenty of time to learn and explore. DH is a stark believer in evolutionism. However, we have used predominantly Christian teaching homeschool coursework. Should I avoid it or offer a selective platter or give my children an overview on everything - not preaching one thing to be correct vs. another? I'm so stuck. They have been attending Awana Bible Youth Group and really enjoy the group and talk fondly of God often, asking me many questions - and I am just stuck on what to TEACH them. I have a super scientist (DS8) that is asking me HARD questions about creationism vs. evolutionism --- and I'm worried about directing him in one or the other. I don't want "believe this!" guidance here, I am working on that on my own. I need more general guidance..... Can anyone help?
  15. Have you used the McHenry Science? I have Elements, the Brain and Carbon Chem in science storage and was thinking about getting them out. Do you have thoughts on them??
  16. I am always reading aloud literature, just haven't selected summer or fall reads yet. I'll choose from BYL and SCM lists probably like normal. DS is moving to mostly independent work in the next year... we aren't sure if we want to start a foreign language in the fall or wait a year. Spring 2016 Singapore 3B finished, begin 4A Reading List (mostly BYL, some SCM) Unit Studies for Science Daily Devotionals with Mom, Learning Books of the Bible Copywork - Genesis..... Queen's Copywork for Boys SOTW Vol. 1 Read Aloud Literature (from BYL and SCM lists) Cub Scouts Awana Club Summer 2016 (we're done with normal school May 13th) Singapore 4A (1-2 lessons per week) Bible Study - Discover 4 Yourself (He'll be doing Revelations 1-7) SOTW Vol. 2 independently with narration (he wants to keep doing this - whatever pace he wants - but I assume he'll be almost daily, he loves history) Reading List: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe The Phantom Tollbooth Tom Sawyer Twenty One Balloons Week of overnight Bible Camp Nature Studies and Hiking Cub Scouts Fall 2016 All About Spelling 1 and 2 Finish up Singapore 4B, start 5A Finish up SOTW Vol. 2 and move into SOTW Vol. 3 Language Lessons for the Elementary Child Vol. 1 (Queen) Bible Study - Discover 4 Yourself (He will be onto a new book, he can choose which) Possibly McHenry Science Reading List (mostly BYL, some SCM) Homeschool Chorus Group Cub Scouts Awana Club
  17. I get you. I do. I have to see the big picture or I loose ground easily.
  18. Teachers do some idiot things since they have been presented with an unethical law like the NCLBA that completely equated their livelihood based on how students performed not their teaching itself.. but it would make more sense to give an equal curve... though I would just reteach the lesson.
  19. We don't have any big changes coming. I was thinking of moving DS into heavier independent work this year (mostly because I am going to be doing the last of my undergraduate classes), but I think I will keep him with our BYL studies and get through at least AAS 3 before considering a more independent curriculum in Fall of 2017. DS8 Language Arts: Language Lessons for the Elementary Child Vol. 1 by Queen Copywork/Dictation: BYL Gr 2 Poetry: BYL Gr 2 Math: Singapore 4 Science: BYL Gr 2, local co-op class, McHenry Science - The Brain and The Elements Spelling: All About Spelling 1, 2, 3 History: BYL Gr 2: SOTW Vol 2 Art: local co-op class Music: Local homeschool chorus Reading List (I think my list is up to about 10 books) DD6 Language Arts: Language Lessons for the Very Young Vol. 1 by Queen Spelling: All About Spelling 1 Copywork/Dictation: BYL Gr 2 ​Poetry: BYL Gr 2 Math: Singapore 2 Science: BYL Gr 2, local co-op class Social Studies: BYL Gr 2: SOTW Vol 2 Art: local co-op class Music: Local homeschool chorus Reading List: Ginn readers Read Aloud Lit List: BYL Gr 2 Other thoughts: We have been exploring some foreign languages this past year, not sure if we will start formal curriculum next year on any of them. This summer we will continue working through BYL Prehistory and BYL Harry Potter.
  20. DS8 is doing SOTW Vol. 2 independently starting in a month. I was trying to decide between ordering SCM picture study portfolios of Fra Angelico and Giotto or Queen Homeschool's Picture Study: Middle Ages for him (the later would be easier as I need to order his Language Lessons for next year from Queen anyway). I want to know what artists/works are in the Middle Ages Picture Study by Queen though. Help?
  21. I ordered OFW. That was the time frame I was thinking - 2 lessons a week, spreading one lesson out. We cover a lesson of Apologia Astronomy spread out over 4 lessons in 2 weeks (which is about that same pace?).
  22. No, I haven't. I'll go pop over there and check it out. Thank you for the recommendation!!
  23. Ok, maybe I'm not being clear. She wants to do some form of social studies. So I will have something available - I'm not debating her age or capability of such. I'm asking what is a very basic history/geography/social studies program out there I can have on hand. I'm not forcing her to do anything. I don't require her to do math, reading or writing even. She's five. I'm am advocate of encouraging play and not starting school until the child wants it. As my above post stated, she flies through material and equates to mid-1st grade. She wants it. She craves it. She enjoys SOTW. But I don't like that she is unable to retain more than an overview of what she learns from it or narrate at the level I would like.. Which is why I want to hold off on SOTW for a couple years. I love it, she loves it, but I want her to get the most from it. In the meantime, she wants some kind of "history". I'm learning toward basic geography instead. She has good map reading skills and from our extensive hiking trips she can operate a compass and a map better than most adults (probably myself included, ha). She has a complete understanding of American community from our studies last year about the community and its structure. I need a structured curriculum - suggested books in an activity guide is definitely a curriculum. A curriculum is the materials that a student uses for the purpose of being education outcomes. I'm looking for something simple that offers a form of methodical geography curriculum. I'd like a workbook available for her as she enjoys completing them. I'm open to whatever but I want a structured curriculum to follow - We love living books but I need topics to go pick some up at the library weekly for her.
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