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  1. That is it! Thanks so much! :-)
  2. Hi! A while back someone posted about research cards (for science, history, art, etc.), where it was a 3x5 (or 4x6) and you had them to your child and they do what is listed on the cards. I can't remember who makes them. Anyone know? TIA ~Tina
  3. Oh believe me, we are very independent and like to do our own thing too. I completely understand. But then again, there is something nice about being linked together with other likeminded people and having support and to ask questions from those that have been there and done that, as well as helping when you can. They do have a few guidelines and offer lots of help in many ways. I don't view them as an organization in control of us, but rather a mentoring organization. For example, normally they (first class co-ops) run two sessions: 1-8 weeks and 1-10 weeks, but we run our co-op for 30 days/30 weeks. We are a more academic co-op with a touch of enrichment classes. But I understand what you're saying too. :-) Really I dislike control and wanted to get away from that from my previous experience too. I had several phone calls with them before deciding this was something we wanted to be a part of; and they were so patience, helpful and understanding. With that said though, there “may†be things in the works for future years that will be required... That may benefit others, and would deter others as well. I completely understand that. :-) ~Tina
  4. I would encourage you to check out First Class Homeschool Ministries. We started a co-op 4 years ago and it has been a HUGE blessing to our family. FCHM offers lots of help/support to their leaders. Explore the co-op link and view what other co-ops offer. It is amazing! Most import thing to do: Deligate! Deligate! Deligate!!!! you won't always be there and you will need a break! :-) Have fun!
  5. Hi, Many months back online I found pre-Algebra teaching textbooks printable schedule to use with my dd. I am wondering if there are more out there. Does anyone know where I could find more? TIA, Tina
  6. Hi, Many months back online I found pre-Algebra teaching textbooks printable schedule to use with my dd. I am wondering if there are more out there. Does anyone know where I could find more? TIA, Tina
  7. yes, great thought. :-) And you are right answers from different resources could/would be different. But some things like life of a person should basically be the same no matter what resource you use. Or what verbs to use in a fill in the blank questions, etc. Just a short blurb about artists with dob, famous artwork, or definitions of words, etc. I think an answer key would be nice. :-) I am one of those parents (person actually) that LOVE answer keys! LOL I even wanted a answer key for a ladies bible study I attended for over the summer. LOL And they don't provide that type of thing for what we were using: it was left to interpretation! Oh it was soooooo hard! LOL :-)
  8. I agree. I purchased one to see what it was like, and I was disappointed. I shared my thoughts on FAIR forum, and basically was told use them how they best work for you. But I like lapbooks with more meat. Just my opinon though. That is what makes the world go round, right. :-)
  9. I understand what you're saying. Some research answers are left up to interpetation... but on the other hand with multiple kids, some sort of answer book is always a plus for me. :-)
  10. Thanks everyone for the answers. I did see the samples and would have like to have seen the teacher guide as well. I really like the idea of the cards and am on the fence if I will use them or not. Not to "hot" on the idea that I will have research as well, but I am sure here are ways around that. Require them to list their resources and I could check it (hopefully quickly). I do know I enjoy learning right along with my kids. :-)
  11. bumping because I know folks use these cards, and I would really like to know if it is something that a parent needs to work at to make sure the kids find the correct information. http://shop.creekedgepress.com/main.sc
  12. Quick question: Do these come with a teacher book/Answer key with answers? or is it expect for the parent to do the research to know if the child is answering correctly? Thanks for your help, Tina
  13. where could I find the details she send, the email, etc... Thanks for the help. ~Tina
  14. Thanks so much for the replies and sharing how you use them. My dh reads to my kids often; I like that other dads read these too. I will look into this more (even the coloring pages) and see if we (he) could do this before bedtime too. Thanks again! :-)
  15. we did extreme weather lapbook from hands of a child and added a lot of supplimental things to it to make it a well rounded learning experience: movies, books, activities, kits, etc. That lapbook was an excellent jumping point for us.
  16. I really dislike all this new curriculum! LOL :-) it make me want to buy it when what I have works perfectly well. I love GWG products! I am sure this is going to be great too! OH man!!! (must use what I have, must use what I have, I must...)
  17. Thanks for posting. :-) I am starting to wonder if a lot of folks that have these books are like us: own them, but don't use them. I am bumping again, hoping that someone here uses them and is able/willing to share how they use them.
  18. I have all 3 volumes (heard about them, think they are great, got them for a great deal at 2nd hand store), and I am not sure how to implement using them with my children (4 kids, aged at home 15 to 10). So I am wondering how to other homeschoolers implement these wonderful books into their lessons/family time? TIA, Tina
  19. If you are looking for curriculum, this is wonderful! My children did the Russia study and we are gearing up for Brazil. They are very informative and the author gives many different resource books to choose from: Into All the World , as well as notebooking pages to go along with the study.
  20. I made Quivers this Christmas (with DD help :-) ), and they turned out wonderfully! I used a glass pyrex pan and let them do the 2nd rise over night in the fridge. I had them spaced a little bit apart and covered them with plastic wrap. In the morning I took them out of the fridge and let them sit for abour 30 min (to get to room temp) and then put them in the oven for about 10 min. SOOOOOOO YUMMY!
  21. That is a neat idea. In fact I just got done playing a game with ds9. I can honestly say I am lego challenged! :lol:
  22. Can't help with the below $50, but wanted to share what we got out son: Electronic Snap kit Electronics 303 He LOVES it and has already built over 30 projects out of the 750 projects included. It was one of the best gifts we have ever purchased for him. WONDERFUL!
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