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  1. Bleugh, I never thought this would be me, but, it is what it is. Anyway, I'm not best prepared mentally for homeschooling this year and am leaning toward taking some time out or unschooling until we adjust and take care of things. Then I think perhaps the structure of the school day would be good for me and the kids. But then, the idea of a "year of discovery" is very appealing too... My kids are 10, 8 and 6 What say the hive? :bigear:
  2. The rolling green hills:D Being able to have a UK and an Irish passport, if desired Still being part of the UK where I am (health and social security;))
  3. :iagree:It took me a few years to realize this, but this year I did. Follow the program as written and relax. It's been our best year yet.;)
  4. I had a really good read through the "try before you buy" samples and this is exactly what I have been looking for. How did I not know about this?:tongue_smilie:
  5. History Odyssey looks very promising. Thank you.:001_smile:
  6. I am having a hard time choosing history for 5th grade. This will be my dd's first and only history cycle as we have done unit studies and British history until now. After 8th grade or so we will start studying for UK qualifications. I have looked at TOG and Beautiful Feet but neither seems just right. Beautiful Feet looks good for Ancients but later on it leans toward US history alongside world history. What else is available for this level that really is balanced world history?
  7. That's what I have done as well. When we got to the hundreds squares, I get ds to trace the outline only.
  8. Primer is an indroduction to math and all the concepts are covered again in Alpha. I printed off the free Primer activity sheets from the MUS website for ds as I was unsure which level to start him on. He found the activity sheets quite easy and was able to go straight into Alpha without any problems. Maybe you could print those off to try? There's a couple for each lesson so you get an idea of what Primer is about.:001_smile:
  9. I have used RS A and MUS Primer through Delta with my 3 kids. I love MUS but tried RS with one of my sons as he didn't have the pencil skills for a workbook based program. He learned a lot at first but it was time consuming to set up each day, too teacher intensive and too many manipulatives. Some of them he enjoyed but others seemed to confuse him; the tally sticks and the abacus. :001_huh: At that point we switched to MUS as his pencil control had improved a lot and he is doing very well with it. Best of all, I now can do math with all 3 kids at once at the table and just assist when I'm nee
  10. I'm interested in using LLATL for all my kids, ages 10, 8 and 6. I have only seen the grade 4 book so I would love to hear experiences from those who have used and loved LLATL at the lower and higher levels without supplementing.:001_smile:
  11. Well, she was checking out a small empty spot in my dresser so I put a blanket in and left the door ajar....
  12. I just checked on her (closed in my room) and she had two kittens out of the box and trying to get into my closet. Another unsuitable location as she could cause an avalanche of old shoes and Christmas decorations.:tongue_smilie:
  13. Yes, the box is closed off with a flap cut that closes over. There is a fleece blanket in with them. Maybe it's because she could see the front door where she originally was?:confused:
  14. A female cat arrived with us (uninvited) over the winter and now we have 5 kittens.:glare: Anyway, spaying planned and cat charity lined up for kitten rehoming...... So, today she decided to move the kittens. They were born on Friday in the linen closet upstairs where the hot water tank is so it should be warm. She wants to move them to the room my two boys share. It really isn't safe to leave them there as they are, well young boys.;) Right now she is locked in my room with them but she will have to move in the morning as dh is working nights this week. I don't understand this. We left he
  15. I actually was hoping my ds would be missing those 2 incisors. He has a high palate and space is a big issue. I knew before he was x-rayed at the orthodontist that if the teeth weren't missing they would be impacted as there was nowhere for them to go. Thankfully, they were missing. Cosmetically, it is easily disguised with bonding material; I have one missing incisor and no space so my canine was bonded to look like an incisor and the pre molar was in such a position that it looked like a canine anyway. That is a simple option if the teeth have otherwise come down in a suitable position.
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