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  1. It may be a zombie thread, but this is marvelous information. I will definitely give it a try. Bed alarms haven't worked well for me...
  2. So, I pulled my three to homeschool this year because Covid and assorted other reasons. However, I work two days a week and have only done a fair job of it. We did finally bring in a tutor on one of those work days to oversee school, and they are at a co-op of sorts on my other work day. I love the planning and the dreaming part of homeschool, but the actual execution has been uneven. I'd prefer not to put them back into public school. Does anyone use on-line options that they love? Prenda is big here in Arizona right now, but there aren't currently any microschools nearby. Just looking for op
  3. Just a quick note to the OP. I'm also in healthcare and work in a clinic two days a week. If I had the option I would quit in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I need to carry the family insurance. Although my paychecks are low after part-time insurance cost, the benefits make that sacrifice necessary. Since it's the first year of homeschooling all three, it's been a challenge juggling it all: work, kids' school, housework, fatigue. My husband works from home but is in his office all day. At first I left out work for them to complete and came home to very little touched. Then I started working on th
  4. DS10. So.... this really opened up some interesting exploration. How do I find heathermomster's instructions? When looking at the IM stuff, prices are never listed- which leads me to believe it is NOT cheap. I did find one video of bouncing a ball to the rhythm of a metronome. He doesn't have sensory issues. I was hoping the OT would help me to help him as well. Some lisping. Difficulty pronouncing the "L". He does have a mild tongue thrust. I am primarily taking DS10 for myotherapy- as his tongue thrust is pushing out his front teeth at this point. The ps ST thought that the m
  5. I'll have to try this.... I'm not sure. Do ps do the CTOPP? Arizona ps's are notorious for not diagnosing dyslexia. Although I think I saw a rumor that this is changing. Not sure insurance would cover as we don't have "vision", but maybe that's just for glasses, etc. I'll look into that- at least to rule things out. I seem to remember vision therapy was a bit controversial several years ago on the boards. Some people swearing by it and others feeling it was a waste of money. I had him evaluated at the ps for speech, but his issues were in the normal range for age. Waiti
  6. He can slowly sound out each letter, but when we go back to the beginning and try and actually blend the word, he just adds letters that aren't there... For example, he'll sound out M-A-P, but then when blending it comes out mat or man...
  7. I read through the kinder posts in the curriculum forum, but I figure I'll come here instead with our family history. DS19- dyslexia, DD17- ADD, DS10- ADD, DD8- waiting on results from ps testing- has dyslexia/dysgraphia type presentation. First, is it really normal for all of this to come out in one family? My husband and I never had any learning challenges- we were both in gifted classes. I'm starting to feel like that crazy mom who's looking for diagnoses for their kids. I promise I'm not- I'm far too lazy/busy. So, with some of the family history, I decided to delay my kinder's
  8. Thank you so much for your responses and the link. Interestingly, his myotherapist last night suggested working with an OT that specializes in kids with ADHD. She has it herself and showed off her Ikea sit to stand desk that she raises during her zoom meetings. My older daughter uses medication on her school days and it makes a huge difference for her so I will try to make an appointment with the psych to revisit medication. Peter Pan has given me a lot to gnaw on in regards to structure, etc. He does tend to run off because his siblings are a distraction....but then he's still distracted. His
  9. DS10 was diagnosed a couple of years ago. We did try medications without success- one made him agitated another made his appetite so poor he was dropping weight. I shelved that idea for a while after his pediatrician suggested seeing a psych to further assist. I'm not opposed to revisiting that idea. My trick when he was at school was to be the last in the pick up lane and his teacher would have him do homework to avoid the HOURS to complete the same work at home. Now that he's homeschooled I'm at a loss of how to get him to focus. I've tried a wobble cushion (meh) and the hammock (daydreaming
  10. Thank you for the responses. She used the Spaulding method at her classical charter last year and nothing seemed to transfer from the flash cards to her actual spelling. I am hoping that A&P sticks better. So, what I am hearing is most writing should be copywork and a talk to text device would be helpful for higher writing. Suggestions? I had enrolled her in an “English” class with a local homeschool group for 1st-3rd grade as much for socialization as my desire to outsource some of my classes. Now I’m wondering if that’s a good idea. 🤔We were really just doing a Little
  11. A brief summary- my oldest I homeschooled until about 9th grade. I suspect some dyslexic issues although never officially diagnosed. Failed at AAS and still spells terribly in college. We discovered Apples and Pears (thanks WTM boards!) but not until middle school. I am homeschooling my 3 youngest this year.... My 8 year old has similar issues- reads about 2nd grade now (mind we were going to have her repeat 2nd before homeschooling), about 80% reversals of b/d, and spelling issues. She is having zoom OT sessions for handwriting. She's reading through Little House with some errors, but be
  12. Wendy- What time do you start the day...? Trying to visualize our day a little better. Do you find that having this schedule works or does it get all messed up? With homeschooling one rather compliant kiddo, it just sort of happened. But I'm wondering if I should actually schedule the day. Just thinking out loud.
  13. So which subscription boxes are really worth it? They always look super cool, but with five kids (3 will be homeschooled- ages 6, 8, 10) I fear adding more clutter to the chaos or not getting around to using them. Can any be used fairly independently? Which would you not bother with?😁
  14. What is your favorite curriculum or educational supplement/subscription, assuming money is no object? I’ll go first: Sumblox. (Does anyone have real life experience with this?)
  15. We've decided to pull our three youngest from their classical charter and homeschool this year. When I homeschooled my oldest, I poured over these boards- relishing the hours of researching the perfect curriculum for him. This time around, I just feel so tired every time I log on.... A part of it is the local group that offers classes hasn't announced what or even if they are even having those classes this year. I'm trying to keep things simple- I still work part-time and hubby will work from home those days, but he won't really school with them. I also want to step away from the rigorous clas
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