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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! He did Miquon with Singapore when he was younger and loved it. I will definitely check these out.
  2. I've wondered about this. I'm just not sure where to go next if I switch. A lot of the math programs are pricey. I don't think I can make it to a convention this year to be able to look at the different math programs. I wish their was a curriculum fairy that could tell me what to go with! Lol. I get overwhelmed looking. Thanks for the feedback. I am looking and praying on what to do. I've considered Math U See, I just read mixed reviews. I guess I will find that with all of them though. Teaching Textbooks is another one I have looked at. The reviews on TT seem to say not a lot of review, I don't know.
  3. He did seem to enjoy Singapore. Some of the word problems stumped him. He is pretty good at math, but it seems to take him a little longer to get a concept down. Once he gets it, it seems to stick.
  4. Since we are only doing half the problems one day and the other half the next day we are on lesson 70 something. I did not realize he could do Algebra 1 after this. Thanks for mentioning that. Thank you all for the advice.
  5. My 7th grade son is struggling with Saxon 8/7. He has completed Singapore up to book 6b (US edition). I feel like Saxon overwhelms him with the mixed review. We are doing the warm up, lesson practice and the first 15 problems of the mixed review one day and then problems 16-30 the next day. He still seems to get mixed up. He feels like it briefly goes over a new topic and then moves on. He wants to stay on that topic for a while. There are so many math programs, I really don't know what to go with! Part of me wants to stick with Saxon, but this kid normally doesn't get upset over math, this year we have had many crying spells! So I don't know. I don't like to bounce around but I don't like to see my son crying over math. Any suggestions? I should add that he took the placement test for Saxon and placed in Saxon 8/7.
  6. What? I did not know Story of the World 3 and 4 is being revised? When will this happen?
  7. Where do you purchase a Brock microscope? I looked on Amazon and I didn't see it.
  8. Where can I find the old Writing Strands? I'm not sure what it looks like. Does it explain to me what to do? I need a lot of hand holding! I'm going to look at Moving Beyond the Page! I didn't realize IEW has podcasts!
  9. I got my quote button to work! That's what I'm afraid of! I feel like WWE and WWS are great but I don't want it to be torture for him and me! So we probably won't go with WWS! I looked at CAP a couple years ago, I'll check it out again.
  10. Sorry, I would quote, for some reason my phone will not let me! I will definitely look at Apples and Pears. HomeAgain, he seems to do okay with the dictation in AAS, not great but okay! We do all the sentences in the books, I'll look at dictation day by day. When we did WWE he absolutely hated dictation! He cried a lot, mainly because of not knowing some of the spelling. He is a perfectionist and he likes for everything to follow rules! I will check it out though. I truly appreciate you all.
  11. Thank you! It makes me feel better to know that most 11 year olds may struggle with this! I will look at writing strands.
  12. I'm having a hard time deciding on a writing program for my upcoming 6 th grader. He used Bob Jones English 5 last year, it was okay. He loved the poetry section! He has a hard time with getting his paragraphs to flow. His sentences don't flow well. He has used WWE 1-2 in the past and he hated it. The dictation part was hard for him. He struggles with spelling so that was part of the issue. I thought about WWS but I'm not sure he is ready for it. I'm really not sure what to go with! There are so many different programs it's overwhelming. I have also found that I'm terrible at trying to teach writing. I did fine in high school but struggled in college. I would not say he doesn't like to write because he has a notebook that he writes in just for fun. He likes to come up with stories. He likes to design BattleBots and write about them. I read these stories but I don't correct anything because I don't want to make it not fun for him. I am considering using easy grammar, so I'm looking for just a writing program. That is not set in stone though. I have looked at IEW and it looks intimidating and expensive. I hate to spend that much and it not be a good fit. Thank you for reading. Hopefully I am making sense.
  13. I'm sorry, for some reason it will not allow me to quote.
  14. I haven't thought about that, thanks Ellie!
  15. We go back and review it. If it has a rule we go over that. I also make a note and try to add it in when we review with AAS.
  16. we have used all about spelling from the beginning but it's seems like my son (11) will be 6 th grade does not get it. He reads great but does not spell that great! all 3 of my kids hate spelling. I use aas with all of them. this makes me wonder if it's me or the program? We do about a lesson a week sometimes we take a little longer. We review and review, but I don't see it cross over into his writing. It seems like he gets it and then I will notice in his writing he spells words he should know wrong. He is about halfway through aas 5. We do the CAT test and spelling is always the lowest. I am considering a different approach/curriculum not sure! any ideas thoughts? Thanks
  17. What are some of the podcasts that you all listen to? Where can I get the book Tweens, Tough Times, and Triumph: homeschooling the middle grades? Thanks
  18. This sounds just like my son that is 11! He is my oldest so this is new to me. It just seems like at 11 a lot of changes are taking place and they deal with it in different ways! He gets offended all the time over strange things, takes things wrong and he doesn't want to do anything! Sometimes I do feel like we are back in the toddler stage! I'm glad I'm not alone!
  19. If you use Singapore how to you schedule IP, CWP, workbook, and the textbook? My oldest is in 5 now, I have always bought the CWP but we have never completed the book, not even half the book. I always feel guilty, we just have a hard time finishing all of it. We have used the textbook, workbook, the mental math in the back of the HIG and a lot of the suggested activities on the HIG. Do you think this is enough? He does pretty good with math. Sometimes it takes him a while to get a topic. Fractions and decimals are harder for him, sometimes he needs a lot of repetition other times he does great. He has done well on the CAT test every year he has taken it, math is always his highest score, last year he was in the 96th percentile. I just wondered have I failed by not getting to the CWP or IP. I only bought IP one year and I think it's still on the shelf. Thank you.
  20. Do you all think the CAT test is just as accurate as the other standardized tests? I have only used the CAT online and one thing I like about online is results are almost instant!
  21. Maybe a little off topic! But why do some choose no to do Singapore 6? My 5 the grader probably will not finish Singapore 5 but I will go ahead and order to have it ready. I have noticed a lot of people stop after Singapore 5. I love Singapore and I love the instructors guides. Thank you.
  22. Just curious how she does with testing? I'm a nervous wreck when I test! When I took my state board tests it was like I drew a blank and I also had to go to the bathroom several times to throw up! Some people handle it differently! After my test I could think a lot clearer! I did pass, I'm not sure how! I have one child that struggles with testing and my other two think it's fun! Which I find bizzare!
  23. Lori D I wanted to come back and tell you that I have Circling the Globe from the library and I love it! I will be buying this book. Thank you for recommending it!
  24. I have a question hope you all don't mind. I'm not great at writing and I find it hard to teach, so would I absolutely need the Teaching Writing Style and Structure dvds? Also my son will be 11 and in 5 th grade is it ok if I start with level A? He has done half of FLL 4 and part of WWE 3, I stopped because he started getting upset every time I pulled WWE out. The narrations he did great at but the dictation is hard for him. Honestly I would struggle with the dictations! I hope I don't upset anyone by asking. Maybe I should have started another thread. Thank you
  25. I have one more question! Do you all use the instructors guide, textbook, and workbook and that's it? I notice there are a lot of different ones you can get. Intensive practice, extra practice, word problems, wondering if we should be doing one of those also.
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