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  1. If you use Singapore how to you schedule IP, CWP, workbook, and the textbook? My oldest is in 5 now, I have always bought the CWP but we have never completed the book, not even half the book. I always feel guilty, we just have a hard time finishing all of it. We have used the textbook, workbook, the mental math in the back of the HIG and a lot of the suggested activities on the HIG. Do you think this is enough? He does pretty good with math. Sometimes it takes him a while to get a topic. Fractions and decimals are harder for him, sometimes he needs a lot of repetition other times he does great. He has done well on the CAT test every year he has taken it, math is always his highest score, last year he was in the 96th percentile. I just wondered have I failed by not getting to the CWP or IP. I only bought IP one year and I think it's still on the shelf. Thank you.
  2. Do you all think the CAT test is just as accurate as the other standardized tests? I have only used the CAT online and one thing I like about online is results are almost instant!
  3. Maybe a little off topic! But why do some choose no to do Singapore 6? My 5 the grader probably will not finish Singapore 5 but I will go ahead and order to have it ready. I have noticed a lot of people stop after Singapore 5. I love Singapore and I love the instructors guides. Thank you.
  4. Just curious how she does with testing? I'm a nervous wreck when I test! When I took my state board tests it was like I drew a blank and I also had to go to the bathroom several times to throw up! Some people handle it differently! After my test I could think a lot clearer! I did pass, I'm not sure how! I have one child that struggles with testing and my other two think it's fun! Which I find bizzare!
  5. Lori D I wanted to come back and tell you that I have Circling the Globe from the library and I love it! I will be buying this book. Thank you for recommending it!
  6. I have a question hope you all don't mind. I'm not great at writing and I find it hard to teach, so would I absolutely need the Teaching Writing Style and Structure dvds? Also my son will be 11 and in 5 th grade is it ok if I start with level A? He has done half of FLL 4 and part of WWE 3, I stopped because he started getting upset every time I pulled WWE out. The narrations he did great at but the dictation is hard for him. Honestly I would struggle with the dictations! I hope I don't upset anyone by asking. Maybe I should have started another thread. Thank you
  7. I have one more question! Do you all use the instructors guide, textbook, and workbook and that's it? I notice there are a lot of different ones you can get. Intensive practice, extra practice, word problems, wondering if we should be doing one of those also.
  8. Thank you all. I have thought about doing the extra practice book, I just don't want to be too overwhelming. I even considered changing to CLE math. He doesn't do this with everything but I do feel like book 4A has been a big struggle, I'm not sure why. He has his math facts down pretty solid. The area and perimeter throws him I think because its a few different steps, I'm not sure. It took him a good while to get equivalent fractions down but he does have that down a lot better now. Mixed fraction throw him off and adding and subtracting fractions throw him off. I have a soon to be 4 th grader that will probably be in the same book as him and he doesn't have any trouble, that probably won't go over well with my older son. It's just weird and interesting that both of these kids are mine and they are so different! My 5 th grader is a perfectionist and he loves art, science, read aloud, geography and building things. Hates spelling and hasn't been too wild about math! I may just stick with Singapore and do the review somehow! I don't know I'm torn, he may need a different approach! I wish there was a homeschool fairy that would tell me exactly what I need to do! Thank you all!
  9. My son will be a 5th grader soon and I'm wondering about math. We have always used Singapore. I'm finding he needs to go over things a little more than what Singapore does. He needs more review. He can get it, it just takes a while and lots of review. We are finishing 4A and on the last review in the textbook he really struggled mainly fractions and area and perimeter. I've considered switching to something different but I don't want to bounce around. I just feel that he needs more review. I guess I'm wondering what you would do? He does the textbook, workbook, and the metal math in the back of the instructors guide. I considered getting the extra practice books but I'm not sure. He has always been the type that needs to go over things a little more to get it. I'm just afraid to bounce around too much, afraid I'll mess him up! Thank you for your time!
  10. Oh my goodness thank you all so much for taking the time to answer me! I truly appreciate it! I'm so excited to get started!
  11. My son has requested to learn American history and learn all the countries of the world! How would you teach all the countries of the world? He knows more than I did at his age! He also said he would like to learn about each country! I'm just not sure how to go about this. I'm not good at coming up with my own thing, I need help and a plan. This is the second year he has requested this so I'm going to try harder to do this for him. He likes history and geography! I thought about doing geography over the summer because my plan is to do Sonlight core D in this coming fall. That could change!
  12. My son loves Legos! Unfortunately we do not have a first Lego league close to us. I wish we did. Lego mindstorms looks really neat, but I'm not sure we can spend that much. I will definitely look into Edison! Thank you so much!
  13. I have a son that will be 11 and he really wants to do a robotics class! I have no idea where to begin! The area we live in does not offer anything like this. Is there something online or something I could get to help with this? I like to follow their interest when I can. He has always liked to work with his hands! I tried searching and couldn't get it to work, it may be my phone not sure. Thank you for your time!
  14. I do not think asking a 10 year old to brush his teeth and practice piano is too much! But I really do think it depends on the child, my 9 year old will brush his teeth, wash his face, comb his hair, get his clothes on, wash his breakfast plate and start on school work (work that he is able to do by himself) without me asking! But this is his personality type! He also will not lie, he is strange in that way, I admit. If he even thinks he did something wrong he will come to me! Things are very black and white to him! Now I have a 7 year old and I get the feeling he will not be this way! That's ok, we will just have to work on it, we have time! I have a 5 year old she will brush her teeth (she always asks me to watch her) she will wash her face, tries to comb her hair, and she will also wash her breakfast dishes! Again I think it depends on the child's personality! Some will struggle in certain areas. If you think about some of the things children have done in the past I think they are capable of more then what we give them credit for! Yes we do live in different times but I think we can spoon feed them a little too much! I really feel like this is a tricky area, some will be ready and some will not, so if it were me I would gradually work on it! I know a lot of kids in public school that have more expected of them than what mine do! Its good and bad all at the same time! The lying is expected from what I have read, but you need to set boundaries. I would make sure he realizes that he will get caught up in a lie and sometimes that lie can grow. I always explained it to my kids that its like the snowball effect, they do well with examples! I want to make it clear that I am not a parenting expert! Just giving my opinion! And I hope my 9 year doesn't start lying, since I have been bragging on him! Good luck, I hope you find a way to figure this out! We are all really in this together. I hope I don't sound snarky, that's not my intention. I think sometimes we are too harsh on others and things are hard to explain online.
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