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  1. Many pros can be cons depending on the family. And vice versa. OP, take a look at your personality and see how it meshes with your goals. Pros: already stated in many posts. Ability to control what grade level the kids are working at. In our case we have accelerated learners and there's only so much they can do about that in B&M school. I personally miss the ability to go on vacation when others are in school and to hit up pumpkin patches and whatnot during the week. Cons: Lack of exercise. I actually found the exercise bit for the kids much improved by going to B&M school. In the winter, I would have to get them bundled up just to hear whining 8 minutes later. If I wanted the to have good exercise, it usually involved driving to an activity, which becomes a pain quickly. Now they walk to the bus stop, take gym class, have two recesses (outside in the winter and I don't have to keep picking them back outside!), etc. It's a lot less work for me. Less diversified academics. My kids write quality essays and read books they would have balked at for me. They do it without any hesitation at school. Stress on mom due to being everything to everyone. I don't hear about any working men having to clean the bathrooms during their coffee break or keep a toddler and a baby quiet while on a conference call. Younger kids getting ignored and left to fend for themselves while mom is working with the big kids. Now that my homeschooling days are over (at least for now) I can clearly see how some aspects of homeschooling are clearly unhealthy for the mom. I wish homeschoolers as a whole would stop idealizing everything and be honest. It's not for everyone. If you like it, great! If it doesn't work for you, then send them to school without guilt.
  2. Keep in mind that she'll be in high school in just a year. Academically, things could be very different. It's a lot easier to accelerate and take more challenging course in high school.
  3. We have an adult Rescue and it’s not that hard. She doesn’t eat multiple times a day. We give her greens each day and feed crickets or super worms maybe twice a week. Baths twice a week. Baths are easy and we just put water in a small sterilite bin with certain drops (removes chlorine maybe?). She chills in there for a few minutes (it’s how they hydrate) and sometimes poops. Proper equipment is a must. Heat lamp plus uv light (Repti-glo 10.0) is critical. Calcium spray for food. Our beardie has metabolic bone disease because the previous owner didn’t use the right lights. You can leave them at home for about 4 days if you need to, which makes vacationing a lot easier. Just put the lights on a timer. We have never taken care of a baby though, so I don’t know how much work that would be. They’re so cute that any extra work would be worth it!
  4. I’d just get her to the dermatologist. You’ll drive yourselves crazy trying to figure this out on your own. (Says fellow celiac sufferer)
  5. Pamela’s bread mix. Don’t even bother with anything else.
  6. This is like 50% of people I meet. I don’t get it. Even the tiniest bit of effort on their part would give me somethjng to work with.
  7. I assume you mean not snow boots? Booties are all the rage now and come in a variety of styles. Or
  8. Oh, and if you bring something, put some in a Tupperware for yourself beforehand in case it gets grossly cross contaminated while you’re waiting to get food (like someone drizzling gravy all over the potatoes).
  9. I always assume I can eat the turkey and nothing else. We usually take along a side, a veggie, and a dessert that are safe and eat those. It makes a complete meal. If I’m feeling crazy, I’ll eat mashed potatoes, salad, veggies.
  10. Dead lift. Or trying sticking your butt way out when you squat. It’ll still hit the quads but bring in more butt/hamstring action.
  11. Altra. They are the best if both worlds (barefoot and conventional).
  12. Ugh. I hate that. Does she put in effort to keep the conversation going or is it just you? Try to think back to last time you saw her and follow up on 1-2 things she mentioned. “How’s little Johnny’s soccer team doing this year?†“Is your mother feeling any better?â€
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