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  1. Dogs are as different as kids. What you are striving for is for them to be relaxed with each other, even if they aren't friends. I would say a proper introduction is key to making it work, but it seems that you may already have both dogs? Signs it may not work are fighting, stressed behavior by one or both dogs, guarding of resources (toys, food, etc). There are lots of videos online that you can search through for more advice. Good luck! We almost always have more than one dog and it sure is enjoyable when they are friends and enjoy each other.
  2. Mrs. Bagels, I don't know the range of your kiddos, but I would consider a bunk room as opposed to all separate bedrooms. Bunk rooms could be for both boys and girls and could potentially cut down on the number of bedrooms needed while supplying your family with lots of sleeping space. You could rotate who sleeps there, fully dependent on age and needs. Older kiddos could start there now while young ones who need attention could have their own space. As the older set needs privacy, they could switch with younger ones who may then be ready for the bunk room experience. As the house empties, the
  3. check out the website Maiden Home. They have terrific furniture (I own some!) and it is well made and cuts out the middle man. Clean, simple lines and a wide variety of furniture. The company began as the result of a woman wanting decent, well-made furniture without the mark up.
  4. I agree that faking one's opinion is exhausting. I refuse to do that and, like you, have left some organizations because of it--but, more commonly, just didn't join at all. I've been very selective where I join because that's not the kind of energy I want to expend, kwim? I'm always curious when people say they can't leave their church, for instance, but the disagree with almost everything being taught and represented.
  5. I think it's one of the best plans I've seen for the circumstances. If I were the parent of a young child who would need daycare if they weren't in school, the A, B or C track plan would totally stress me out. What we all need to remember is that there is no good plan, because this is a terrible situation for everyone. I think the best you can do is begin preparing your hs student for being online and to prepare him as best you can, while remaining as positive about it as possible. I discussed this with a friend last night. Her intention is to have two of her sons buddies join him
  6. Do they have a beautifully framed wedding photo? I received one for my first anniversary and I treasure it to this day....
  7. You've gotten lots of good ideas. I would add--rocketry or build his own drone, learn to cook and be responsible for one or two meals per week--even if it's making breakfast, get The Dangerous Book for Boys and let him read through that. Lots of good ideas in there. Are you interested in Scouting? Many of the merit badges are online right now in our council. I would also encourage all of your kids to learn to spend time together and tell them arguing is NOT an option--give them a certain time (maybe as little as 30 minutes to start) and let them earn rewards for being together and
  8. I would unfriend, unequivocally. Silence = agreement in my book. I'm sick and tired of racist views going unchecked and unchallenged. You lose nothing by unfriending. Don't look back.
  9. Please know, mlktwins that I'm not picking on you specifically, but more generally to people everywhere who are thinking they must go out and about shopping to make baskets for their children: My love language is more globally focused, I guess. Every time I go out, I am at danger of catching the virus and bringing it home to a house full of people I love. It's not worth that risk to me to have a basket of candy for someone. Please, please understand that in staying home, you are helping to keep safe lots of other people: the grocery checkout lady's husband with cancer, the person you
  10. My children are middle school aged and up, so they understand the need for shelter in place and that going out for candy is not appropriate. If we don't have it at home currently, we don't need it. Nothing for Easter baskets. Life goes on.
  11. I am horrified for the residents of Wisconsin who were supposed to vote today. Many had to make a choice between voting in person or losing their opportunity to have their vote heard, as thousands of absentee ballots had not arrived and had to be postmarked by today to be counted. I am so angry that anyone with power believes we should be encouraging people to congregate in this way. I'm angry for the poll workers and others who had no choice but to show up. So, if you're there, did you go to vote?
  12. At our recycling drop off center, one would pull in, give the person their zip code and then pull forward to the huge bins for holding the recycling. One could conceivably drop off all of their recycling without touching any of the containers or anything else there. It that's the type of situation you're talking about, I can't imagine not doing it. We have 7 of us here instead of the usual 3, so we are generating much more recycling than normal--gotta put it somewhere!!
  13. OMG--I am so sorry!! I didn't know you were dealing with the military system. That is awful, because there really is probably no work around with them. I think I would call the closest (non-military) urgent care and tell them your situation and that you are very concerned about possible exposure and ask if is there any way a doctor can help you over the phone. They may be much more willing to do a workaround that the military. I would be stressed, too. You have every right to be anxious and angry. It is crap like this when we fail to treat people like humans that makes everything twice as
  14. I am horrified by the doctor's office response to you! WHY would they send someone with an autoimmune disease to the urgent care?!?! What terrible care!! I would be my own best advocate and call the pharmacy first. I have two family members who are pharmacists and I can tell you that they are bending over backwards to help their patients. If they honestly can't help you (they SHOULD be able to call your doctor on your behalf) then I would call the doctor's office and ask to speak to the nurse. If the front desk refuses to put you through to a nurse, I would ask, "Let me get this straight
  15. Of course I know. What I'm saying is that the guidelines are not in synch with reality. People are being told to act according to testing--in MANY parts of the country, even people who are symptomatic are not being tested. What I'm saying is that people need to act responsibly even without access to testing.
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