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  1. Lots of changes in the past few months with my job (outside of homeschooling my 3 kiddos) and some out side of family, friend stress so would love accountability and reading everyone's ideas for 2018 has kicked my butt into gear, THANK YOU! 1. Back to Counting Calories --- but with a twist instead of losing 20 lbs in 3-6 months, I am going to go for 10 months = Slow and Steady. I need to build in the habit of counting calories which I haven't for about 2.5 years. I also want to be Carb Conscious so I have decided to reactive my old spark people account with the app on my phone :) I hope in

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    Oak Meadow Kindergarten: Kindergarten Coursebook Kindergarten Resource Book Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching the Early Grades Oak Meadow Crafts for the Early Grades Healthy Living from the Start: A Health Curriculum for Grades K-3 LIKE New Condition $75.00 via paypal includes Priority Mail USPS shipping. PM if interseted.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing! My son loves United States, this looks like so much fun!

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    Shepherd Biology Complete Set (Student Text & Never Used Lab Manual + Lab DVD + Study Guide Questions/Answers DVD + Answer Key/Parent Manuel) Selling them USED even though they are LIKE NEW condition. My oldest decide to take an online class but I had already started planning with the materials. I read through the books and watched the DVD's a bit. Great Value! $100.00 includes USPS Priority Shipping.



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    Used : Oak Meadow 8th Grade Math Book (with separate paper answer key) Oak Meadow 8th Grade Teacher's Manuel Oak Meadow 8th Grade Civics Book Oak Meadow 8th Grade English Book plus Writing for 100 & The Elements of Writing Books Note: All you need are the novels, we used the library. For all $100 includes USPS priority shipping. PM if interested in.


  6. http://lifekids.tv/ They have short video lessons. They range from 10-20 mins depending on age/video. My children have watched them over the years and enjoyed them.
  7. How old is your ds? I would go along with your friend. If he makes mistakes on the test you can go back and have him to the lessons.
  8. I would say 50% if she does all the going through, set up, pricing, and mans the garage sale along with cleanup.
  9. We don't really have an age. Our 2 oldest (12, 14) are able to watch whatever they want on streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu) G, PG, and NR Documentaries. We don't have cable. Just Roku (2), Kindle/Tablets, and the Internet (no filters). PG13 they ask permission before watching unless we have already watched it as a family together or it's in an action/sci-fi series like Transformers, GI Joe, James Bond, LOTR, etc. if DH or I haven't seen it we might read a review before letting them watch it alone or suggest watching it together as a family since we enjoy action/sci-fi movies.
  10. Time for learning ? They have a program for K. You could just do the math portion. I have considered it for my youngest.
  11. I felt the same way you do about the TM so we didn't buy it. We were going to get the readers and work text but decided after seeing them in person to pass. We are doing the Phonics practice work text along with the handwriting book (black and white pages). That's it. Our goal is to introduce him to phonics/reading (exposure) and to increase his fine motor skills through writing. We having been doing it for a couple of weeks and it's working very well. He does a page from each book (5 days a week) as "seat" work.
  12. My son (13) is using Life of Fred (LOF) Beginning Algebra with Zillions of Practice Problems. We are working through it together. We've tried Saxon, TT, LIFEPAC and a few others before landing on LOF. It works well for him (he is an struggling/avg student) such as in pre-alg fractions never stuck. He does the Zillions of Practice Problems on his own, I check the work. We do a lesson a day and that works out to finishing the book in about 6-9 months. I do type a test using the last page of each chapters Zillions of Practice Problems. It's a good fit and we plan to use it all the way through Pre
  13. I say go for it until she doesn't want to do "seat" work. My son (4) has been doing "seat" work since he was 2ish. We started with simple Abeka 2 & 3 year old workbooks along with a critical thinking company book. We also let him loose on an older kindle with tons of educational (like starfall) & just for fun games (racing/jewels). He watched all the LEAP frog letter/phonic/math dvds and picked up the alphabet along with lot of the sounds. Then I started Horizons Preschool (workbook A) along with R/S Preschool Workbooks. He finished the Horizons and did almost all the R/S books
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