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  1. My kids are halfway through First Form right now. They seem to be understanding it ok. We have to slow it way down and do recitation drills everyday though to get the forms to stick, but it is worth it. For what it is worth, we do this, written narrations, and IEW Medieval for LA.
  2. I would leave it at that or risk burn out IMHO.
  3. I don't know how much this will help, but I have all the modules from 6-9 and I have been very impressed. My son who has done MUS, LOF, and many text books is doing better in this than anything to date. The biggest plus is the fact that I do not have to do anything save for checking his papers. I think that the concepts covered are both practical and thorough. I would have no idea how to take a recipe for 20 and whittle it down for 3 people without this course. It covers both these practical things and traditional. The 'thinking" part is very strong and I have been impressed with how well my son thinks through problems now---much less formulaic. I have no desire to try anything else and plan to have him work all the way through and end with any geometry course the author recommends.
  4. I make mild, raw salsa for my kids with tons of fresh garlic. I know this may sound really gross, but I made homemade cough medicine with a small jar of honey and lots of minced garlic. It is not totally pleasant, but it is sweet enough to usuallly get it down.
  5. That is a lot more than I am doing with my 3rd grader. He is doing R&S 2 along with Copywork for Boys (Queen's) and dictation twice a week.
  6. Yeah, I know.:tongue_smilie: I would never actually do that because I am too conservative and paranoid about the internet, but the thought crosses my mind every now and again.:)
  7. OK, I have an 11 year old who has been doing wonderfully with Systematic Mathematics. I don't do ANYTHING and this kid only missed 5 problems out of 60 lessons!----and this is from a kid that routinely failed many other math curriculums. He is also doing Rod and Staff 5 primarily on his own. I give him the student book, teacher's guide and let him have at it. He does do the tests and I check those, but he is managing over 90% on all of those so far.... Tell Me More Spanish is also self teaching and piano (Simply Music) same thing... I guess my point is he seems to do better when I step back and let him learn at his own pace, but keep him accountable here and there. I am thinking of just saying "You are covering Roman history this year, google away..." Just wondering.:)
  8. This is an audio interview with legal council at the Arkansas Dept. of Health about possible mandatory vaccine for the swine flu. It says that vaccines can be made mandatory and you may have to get it at gun point!? :confused: Here is a quote from the article that clarifies the court cases mentioned in the phone call. "The legal council at the Arkansas State Health Department cites the 1905 Supreme Court case of Jacobson v Massachusetts to argue that governments can force citizens to take vaccines.Less than 50 years before, in Dred Scott v. Sandford, the Supreme Court also ruled that black people were slaves - property of their slaveowners with no inherent rights whatsoever. 22 years after Jacobson v Mass., in Buck v Bell, the Supreme Court also ruled that people designated “feeble-minded†by the government could be sterilized. The fact that the Supreme Court made a ruling over 100 hundred years ago saying the government could inject people by force doesn’t make it morally or constitutionally justifiable." It looks that like those of us who would like to opt out would have to find some sort of federal waiver in the event of a CDC mandated vaccine. The entire article is found at: http://www.prisonplanet.com/arkansas-state-health-department-mandatory-vaccines-are-constitutional.html I only post this because I want to know if we Constitutionally have any rights in this area.
  9. This might be a little more "out there", but I have had wonderful results with MMS. I had the flu and after three doses I was a-ok (about three hours worth of treatment). It has also worked on my kids and husband. I read the entire book and watched the dvd and I have concluded it is the best $20 insurance policy I can find. I also make my own homeopathic remedies and if anyone in the family gets the swine flu I will make a remedy from them.
  10. I used to cut up garlic and swallow it like a pill in juice for mastitis and other infections. Worked great, smelled bad. :)
  11. I just wanted to mention that Quackwatch is the last place I go for factual information as I know alternative doctors (personally) who have been falsely slandered. The people behind Quackwatch are pro-big pharma and trash everything and anything alternative. I do believe that the info about high (temporary) vit D supplementation if you get the swine flu is a better tactic than the chemical cocktail in the vaccine. Mercola has more info on his site. Baxter is not a trustworthy company in light of their recent record of contaminated vaccines with Avian flu and I certainly do not trust their fast-track vaccine for swine flu. I (crazy that I am) will get a nosode made from swine flu and stock up on C, D and other natural anti-viral/bacterial supplements. I also got over a stomach bug (fever, vomiting) in the same afternoon---started about 2pm and was gone by 7-- using MMS every hour for three hours. I wouldn't be without it.
  12. I just got my first D SLR! I actually got a Nikon D5000 but just took it back for a Canon 40D instead. I wanted something a little more sturdy and weather sealed. I am having so much fun and am off to look at the site and book mentioned in this thread. Thanks! Anyway, here is one of my first shots:
  13. I have had great success with Bach flower drops (any bigger health food store would have them). I had severe panic attacks after my mother died and it did wonders for me without having to get the paxil. My kids have used them as well. They have a quiz by the display usually for deciding which ones are best.
  14. I just ordered this for my 11 year old too (and my 10 year old as well)!
  15. I hear you there! All I hear is, "Mom, this is my last thing right? I can go skateboard then??" :lol:
  16. This is a healthy confessional! I feel so much better knowing that the road I have traveled is not lonely. :) Finally, after 7 years, I feel like I have really honed down what I like, dislike, and what works with my teaching style and my kids. This year is going much better and I can almost do it on auto-pilot. Yeah!!! I like to actually hands-on teach, but for only a couple of hours a day, so I choose quite a bit that is self-teaching. One year I had to teach EVERY class and I was sooo burned out. Michelle, the mind clutter thing is spot on. I feel guilty whenever I walk past my unused resources.
  17. Rod and Staff English I love how thorough it is, but I wish it could be more independent. Phonics Tutor--I love it my kids hate it...bummer.
  18. I don't know if I like them so much but my daughter loves them. They have short chapters with continuing story lines that are great for kids just starting out with narration. They are a bit slow for adults, but I think they are perfect for small children, or children who are trying to get the hang of narration.
  19. Practical Arithmetic book 1. It starts in 3rd grade, has lots and lots of review and focuses heavily on word problems and mental math. Did I mention that the book covers two years and is only $14? A lot of it is done orally which = a small paper trail. :)
  20. My ten year old (new 10 last month): Practical Arithmetic, finish book 1 Draw Squad books Matthew Through Acts and Ancient Rome ( from SCM, geo, history, bible) Spelling Wisdom (SCM) Meaningful Composition 4+ Rod and Staff English 4 (mosty oral) First Form Latin (second year of Latin) American History Stories by Mara Pratt CLP Nature readers 4 and 5, The Story Book of Science w/nature notebook Monet (Picture Study) Mozart (composer study) Hymn study Tell Me More Spanish Typing Phew! That looks like a lot, but we do short lessons and a lot of things orally.
  21. :iagree: The whole "by their fruits you shall know them" thing. Many claim to be Christian, but true folllowers will show the behaviors of Christ. We all stumble, but beating down one race or faith in Jesus' name consistantly is not exhibiting the nature of Jesus.
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